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Parimatch Exchange

Parimatch Exchange: How Good is the Parimatch Betting Exchange?

15 April 2022

The Parimatch Exchange has recently launched in India, and this is good news for Indian bettors looking for better odds on cricket and other sports!

Parimatch recently launched a betting exchange for Indian players.

This makes Parimatch one of the few and only betting sites in India to offer a betting exchange.

The Parimatch Exchange is one of the only betting exchanges in India!

On the Parimatch Exchange, you can buy/sell bets among other players and earn higher odds = higher profits than on a regular betting site!

So if a betting exchange is what you're looking for, we recommend giving the Parimatch Exchange a try.

What is the Parimatch Exchange?

The Parimatch exchange is a betting exchange that enables you to buy and sell bets among other players.

As such, the exchange is essentially a marketplace where the odds are set based on supply and demand.

This means that you can often find better odds on an exchange like the Parimatch exchange when compared to a regular betting site.

How the Parimatch Exchange Works

Using the Parimatch Exchange is quite easy, but if you have never used a betting exchange before, then there may be a small learning curve.

Betting exchanges such as the Parimatch Exchange are different when compared to traditional sportsbooks.

With a regular sportsbook, players bet against the house or the betting site. If the player wins, the betting site loses. If the betting site wins, the player loses.

A betting exchange is different. Here, players essentially buy and sell bets among each other.

No matter the outcome, the betting exchange doesn’t lose money. They simply earn a small commission for all bets placed on the platform among players.

How to Use the Parimatch Betting Exchange

Unlike a traditional sportsbook where there is only 1 selection of odds available on every outcome, the Parimatch Exchange enables you to select your own odds on a particular outcome.

Not happy with the odds that are being offered in the sportsbook? No problem, the Parimatch Exchange lets you set your own odds!

When you enter the Parimatch Exchange, you will see odds being suggested for every event and outcome. However, this is merely a suggestion based on the average odds that other players are currently buying and selling.

As a player, you can select exactly the odds you want - you can go higher or lower than the current market average.

If you go higher, it may take time for your bet to be matched by other players. If you go lower, your selection will be matched quicker.

Note: if you select unreasonably high odds on an event, players are not going to match your selection, because they will be able to buy lower odds from other players.

The Parimatch Exchange is a marketplace of odds that are constantly fluctuating and evolving.

As such, the most market-friendly odds (or the average odds) are displayed in deep blue and red at the center of the odds selection screen.

The odds with fewer buyers are displayed to the right and left sides of the center.

Parimatch Exchange Odds

There are several reasons why players may choose to use a betting exchange, but one of the biggest selling points of a bet exchange is that exchanges often give players higher odds.

Tomesh Kulkarni

Tomesh Kulkarni

Editor-in-Chief, MyBetting

Are the odds on the Parimatch Exchange higher than odds in the Parimatch Sportsbook?

"Yes, the odds found on the Parimatch Exchange are generally quite a bit higher than the odds offered in the Parimatch sportsbook."

"To analyse the difference in the odds on the Parimatch Exchange and Parimatch Sportsbook, we compared the odds on an IPL match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders."

Parimatch Exchange Odds

Parimatch Sportsbook Odds

As you can see in the example above, the odds found on the Parimatch Exchange are better than those found in the sportsbook (especially on the most likely outcome, which is a win for Sunrisers).

If you’re an online betting beginner, you may be thinking that the difference in odds doesn’t look that substantial. However, more experienced players know that this difference will add a great margin of profit to your balance when you add together multiple wins.

Parimatch Exchange odds compared to other betting exchanges
Tomesh Kulkarni

Tomesh Kulkarni

The odds on the Parimatch Exchange are identical to those on most other exchanges in India.

This is because most betting exchanges in India use the Betfair exchange software to supply them with the exchange odds, and therefore, the odds are similar across the different platforms.

Why use the Parimatch Exchange?

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There are plenty of great reasons to use the Parimatch exchange, but some of the primary benefits are:

✔️ The Parimatch exchange offers some of the highest betting odds in India

✔️ The Parimatch exchange is one of the only legal betting exchanges in India

✔️ Parimatch offers a great welcome bonus that you can use to get started.

Press the button below to navigate to the Parimatch India Exchange and get started placing your bets at the highest odds right away!

Still have questions about the Parimatch Exchange? You will find some of the most common questions below

Common Questions about the Parimatch Exchange

⚖️ Is the Parimatch Exchange legal in India?

The Parimatch Exchange is legal in India because it is based outside Indian jurisdiction.

Therefore, Indian gambling laws do not apply to Parimatch, and Indian players can legally access and use the exchange at their leisure.

🔒 Is the Parimatch Betting Exchange safe?

Parimatch (the company behind the Parimatch Exchange) is one of the oldest and most well-established betting operators in the world.

Parimatch has been in operation since 1994, and in all that time, Parimatch has upheld a reputation of transparency and honest business practices.

We, therefore, feel confident in saying that Parimatch is indeed one of the safest betting sites that you can find.

💵 Does it cost money to use the Parimatch Exchange?

It is free to join Parimatch, deposit money, and use the exchange.

Parimatch does charge a small commission on all bets that are placed on the exchange, but this commission is small, and is balanced out by the fact that the player will generally earn higher profits using the exchange due to the odds being higher.

Parimatch Exchange Alternatives

Wanna find other betting exchanges in India? Unfortunately, there aren’t many betting exchanges to choose from in India, but one of the options that you can check out is the Fun88 Exchange.

Fun88 Exchange

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The Fun88 Exchange is another one of the betting exchanges that target the Indian market.

They offer a betting exchange that is largely very similar to the Parimatch Exchange. This is due to the fact that the exchange software is provided by Betfair on both Fun88 and Parimatch exchanges.

Although the exchange is similar, there are some differences in terms of what Fun88 offers.

For example, they have different bonuses, promotions, games, and features than what you can find on Parimatch.

So if you’re interested in using a Parimatch alternative, we recommend giving the Fun88 exchange a try.

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