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How to Deposit on Parimatch

How to Deposit on Parimatch in India

8 June 2021

In this article, you will learn all there is to know about how to deposit on Parimatch in India

Parimatch is one of the most recent betting sites in India, and lots of Indian players have obviously taken a huge interest in this new and promising betting platform.

But the interest is accompanied by many questions: for example, many players are wondering how to deposit money on Parimatch in India.

Fortunately, depositing money on Parimatch is actually very easy, as we are going to show you in this article.

If you want to join Parimatch and make a deposit, then this article is for you - follow the guide below and learn all about how to deposit in Parimatch now!

Parimatch: How to Deposit

Step 1: Open a Parimatch account

Before you can make a Parimatch deposit, you need to create an account. To open a Parimatch account, click the button below.

Already have a Parimatch account? Good! Just keep reading then, and we’ll show you how to transfer money to your Parimatch account.

Parimatch Deposit Methods

Parimatch gives you the opportunity to deposit using a wide variety of different payment methods.

This ranges from Indian payment systems like UPI and Paytm to international e-wallets like MuchBetter and ecoPayz - you can even deposit with cash on delivery and cryptocurrency!

The great variety of deposit options makes it easy and cheap for every Indian player to make a deposit on Parimatch!

See the full list of Parimatch deposit options below.

Deposit Methods on Parimatch

Best Deposit Methods on Parimatch

Other Deposit Methods on Parimatch

  • RuPay Card
  • VISA Card
  • MasterCard
  • ecoPayz
  • MuchBetter
  • Jeton Wallet

How to Deposit on Parimatch

To make a deposit on Parimatch, start by logging in to your Parimatch account.

Now, click on the green button in the top right-hand corner labeled Deposit. This will take you to the Parimatch deposit menu.

Here you can see all the available Parimatch deposit options. The estimated deposit processing time for each deposit method is also displayed.

Parimatch Deposit Methods 2
Join Parimatch now to deposit using the method you are most comfortable with.

Best deposit method on Parimatch

In our opinion, the best way to top up your Parimatch account is via UPI (unified payments interface), which is an Indian app that allows you to send money from your bank account free of charge!

Alternatively, if you are a Paytm user, and if you have a balance in your Paytm wallet, then this can also be a great way to transfer money to Parimatch.

Otherwise, the best way of depositing on Parimatch really depends on the payment methods you have at your disposal: some players may like to use ecoPayz, while other players may be more familiar with cryptocurrency.

In summary, the best way to deposit on Parimatch is by using the deposit method you are most comfortable with - for most Indians, that’s going to be UPI.

We will now go through all the most popular deposit options on Parimatch, and show you how to make a deposit with each of them.

Deposit with UPI

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you have probably heard of UPI, one of the fastest growing payment systems in India.

With UPI, users can transfer money from their bank account to other UPI users instantly and free of charge.

This is why UPI has seen such rapid adoption all over India, to a point where you can now use UPI to pay for everything from your monthly bills to groceries at your local bazaar.

But UPI has also been adopted by international betting sites, so now you can even use UPI when depositing on Parimatch!

UPI Logo 2

How to Deposit with UPI on Parimatch

Making a UPI deposit on Parimatch is pretty straightforward.

Open up the Parimatch deposit menu and click on the UPI option.

Now, a new window will open up where you will be asked to type in the amount you wish to transfer.

You will also see that the processing time for making a UPI deposit on Parimatch is around 10 minutes. This is because it takes a few minutes for the Parimatch deposit staff to credit the money to your Parimatch account.

When you have typed in how much you wish to deposit with UPI, then click on the green button to continue.

Now a new field will appear where you must type in your UPI address. Type in the address and click continue.

This will prompt UPI to send you a payment request for the amount you wish to deposit. Open up your smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions in order to send the money to Parimatch with UPI.

That’s all it takes to make a UPI payment to Parimatch - simple, right?

Making a deposit on Parimatch from UPI is super fast and simple!
UPI Deposit Details

UPI Transfer Time: up to 10 minutes

UPI Transfer Charges: Free

UPI Transfer Limits: 551 - 100.000 INR

Click the button below to join Parimatch and make your UPI deposit today.

Deposit with Indian NetBanking

Indian NetBanking is yet another blooming payment method in India that is used mainly for larger transactions.

It functions very much in the same way as UPI, where money is deducted directly from the sender’s bank account and instantly received by the recipient.

The main difference with Indian NetBanking is that it does not require a smartphone to use - even a computer will allow you to make an INB deposit on Parimatch.

The only requirement to deposit with Indian NetBanking is that you have an Indian bank account with online banking enabled!

With Indian NetBanking, you can make free and instant transfers to Parimatch!

How to Deposit with Indian NetBanking on Parimatch

Depositing money on Parimatch with NetBanking is very similar to depositing with UPI.

Start by selecting the Indian NetBanking option in the Parimatch deposit menu Then type in the amount you wish to deposit.

After typing in your desired deposit amount, click the green button to continue. This will open up a new screen where you must select your bank from a list of Indian banks.

After selecting your bank, you will be redirected to the online banking login page of your selected bank.

You will now be asked to log in to your online banking client and confirm the transaction.

Once that is done, the money will be deducted from your account and instantly transferred to Parimatch. Just like that!

INB Deposit Details

INB Transfer Time: up to 10 minutes

INB Transfer Charges: Free

INB Transfer Limits: ₹551 - ₹100.000 INR

Click the button below to deposit with INB on Parimatch now.

Deposit with Paytm

Paytm is one of the biggest online e-commerce stores in India which allows users to buy everything from clothes to airplane tickets, play games, purchase stocks, and even transfer money to other Paytm users using the popular Paytm wallet.

The Paytm money transfer service has become all the rage in the last couple of years, as Paytm allows users to send money to other users instantly and at almost zero cost without the need for a bank account!

Many people in India are without a bank account, and this is where Paytm comes in handy - you don’t even need a bank account to send and receive money with Paytm!

Paytm Logo

How to deposit with Paytm on Parimatch

If you are already a Paytm user, then you will find it very easy to deposit on Parimatch using Paytm. Otherwise, here is a little step-by-step guide on how it’s done.

Select the Paytm option from the deposit menu on Parimatch.

Then type in the amount of money you wish to deposit and click on the green button to continue.

Now, the Parimatch Paytm wallet number will appear. You must copy this wallet number and make a transfer to Parimatch through your Paytm app using this wallet number.

When the transfer to Parimatch is done, you will be given a transaction ID in the Paytm app which you must copy and type into the text box on Parimatch. When that is done, click confirm.

Parimatch will then take a moment to confirm the transaction ID you have typed in. When that is done, your deposit will be confirmed and the money will be instantly available for use in your Parimatch account!

Paytm Deposit Details

Paytm Transfer Time: Instant

UPI Transfer Charges: Free

UPI Transfer Limits: ₹300 - ₹70.000 INR

Depositing on Parimatch with Paytm is simple. Click the button below to get started now!

Deposit with Cash on Delivery

Cash on delivery is a payment method that allows players to deposit physical cash to a Parimatch delivery man who will come to your house and pick up your deposit.

This type of deposit method is great for players who don’t have access to a bank account or other digital alternatives.

The cash-on-delivery method allows pretty much anyone to deposit on Parimatch. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Cash on Delivery Parimatch

How to deposit with Cash on Delivery on Parimatch

First off, head over to the Parimatch deposit menu and click on the Cash on Delivery option.

This will open up a new window where you can type in how much you wish to deposit.

Note: the minimum amount you can deposit with Cash on Delivery is 9.000 INR

The minimum amount is rather high, but this is due to the fact that a Parimatch courier has to come out to your location and this obviously costs money and takes time.

Fortunately, there is no maximum amount, so you can, theoretically, deposit as much as you wish using Cash on Delivery!

Parimatch Cash on Delivery works like this:

  1. Type in the amount you wish to deposit.
  2. Enter your name, city, address, and a valid Indian phone number.
  3. A Parimatch courier will contact you within 5 minutes to confirm the time of pick up.
  4. The Parimatch courier will then pick up cash and deposit it instantly into your account.

Cash on Delivery Availability

Parimatch Cash Deposit is available in the following cities:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • Pune

If you are located in any one of these 7 major cities in India, you have the option to use Parimatch cash delivery.

COD Deposit Details

Cash Delivery Transfer Time: Funds are credited instantly after being received by the Parimatch courier

Cash Delivery Transfer Charges: Free

Cash Delivery Transfer Limits: ₹9.000 - Unlimited

Click the button below to join Parimatch, deliver your cash and start betting now!

Deposit Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are at the frontier of payment solutions around the world. Cryptocurrencies are interesting because they exist on a decentralised network outside of traditional payment methods.

As such, cryptocurrency holders are able to make deposits on betting sites like Parimatch instantly, with no middlemen and with very low fees.

If you are already a cryptocurrency user, or if you are interested in how to send money to Parimatch in a secure and easy way, then we highly encourage you to deposit your crypto on Parimatch.

On Parimatch, you can deposit several types of popular crypto easily and securely. Read more about how to get started below.

How to Deposit Cryptocurrency on Parimatch

To deposit crypto on Parimatch, head over to the deposit menu. Here, you can see the different available cryptos that you can deposit. This includes:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Tether (USDT)

Click on the crypto you wish to deposit. Now a new window will open up where you will see the wallet address of Parimatch.

Copy the wallet address and make the transfer from your own wallet. The funds will then be transferred and will be instantly available for use in your Parimatch account!

Crypto Deposit Details

Crypto Transfer Time: Instant

Crypto Transfer Charges: Free

Crypto Transfer Limits: 0 - Unlimited

Click the button below to get started depositing crypto on Parimatch today.

Parimatch Deposit Time

How long does it take to deposit on Parimatch?

Depositing on Parimatch is generally very fast, however, the time it takes to deposit depends on the deposit method you have selected.

For example, Paytm deposits on Parimatch are instant, and most of the international e-wallets like ecoPayz are also credited to your account instantly.

In the case of UPI or Indian NetBanking, it can take up to 10 minutes for your deposit to be displayed on your Parimatch account. This is because the deposit needs to be manually credited to the account by a Parimatch agent.

In the case of cash on delivery, this deposit method is also instant, and the money will be deposited to your account by the pickup courier as soon as he receives your cash.

Cryptocurrency deposits on Parimatch are also credited instantly.

We would definitely rank Parimatch as one of the top betting sites in terms of deposit time - it goes very fast!

Parimatch Minimum Deposit

What is the smallest amount you can deposit on Parimatch?

The smallest amount you can deposit on Parimatch is 300 INR.

Each deposit method on Parimatch has different minimum and maximum deposit limits.

The smallest minimum deposit is offered via the Paytm deposit option, which will allow you to deposit as little as 300 rupees.

Other deposit methods like UPI also have very low limits, starting with as little as 550 INR.

Parimatch Deposit Problems

When making deposits to an online betting site (or any online vendor) it is not uncommon to run into some sort of problem. Usually, problems are minor, and can be fixed in just a few clicks.

On Parimatch, we encountered very few problems when going through the various deposit methods and procedures. Everything seems to work smoothly.

If you do encounter any deposit problems on Parimatch, we recommend that you contact Parimatch support via any of the following contact details:

On-site Live Chat: Open 24/7

Telegram Support: @ParimatchINDIA_bot

WhatsApp Support: +380 050 806 22 04

Email: support.in@parimatch.com

As is the case on all betting sites in India, some deposit methods work better than others, and there are some deposit methods that we simply don’t recommend using. More on that in the next section.

Non-Recommended Deposit Methods on Parimatch

Parimatch has a decent selection of different deposit methods, but there are a few of them that we do not recommend for making a Parimatch top up:

Credit and Debit Cards (VISA, MasterCard, etc)

Indian bank cards often cannot be used to make deposits at online betting sites as transactions are declined by the issuing bank.

ecoPayz is an international e-wallet that is accepted by many online betting sites. The e-wallet itself is great, but they charge excessive fees. To avoid fees, we recommend staying clear of this wallet.

Jeton Wallet

Jeton wallet is a European-based e-wallet that allows users to send and receive money between betting sites. The biggest problem with this wallet is that it only accepts Euro currency, so Indians will have to convert INR when using the wallet, which is costly. Therefore, we do not recommend using this deposit method.


MuchBetter is another international e-wallet. They charge excessive fees (2.5%) when making withdrawals. This makes it costly to use the wallet on a regular basis, because every time you withdraw money from the betting site, you will lose 2.5% of your money.

If you stay clear of these deposit methods, then depositing on Parimatch will be both fast, easy, and cheap!

Deposit on Parimatch Now

Deposit on Parimatch and start betting today!

We have now shown you how to deposit on Parimatch and told you about the best deposit methods. Now, there is but one thing left to do: join Parimatch now and make your deposit.

When you have made your first transfer, Parimatch will reward you with a generous deposit bonus.

An amazing deposit bonus awaits you on Parimatch!

So click the button to join Parimatch and deposit now!

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