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Best Kabaddi Betting Sites in India

Want to bet on kabaddi? In this article we will show you all the best kabaddi betting sites in India

Kabaddi: An Indian tradition with a global reach

Kabaddi is one of the most popular sports in India after cricket. From being played as an entertaining pastime in the rural areas to being a top-rated game at the national level, it dates back to an ancient period. The reason behind the immense popularity of kabaddi lies in the speed and agility of the players that fascinates the audience. It has the power to capture the interest of people from all over the world.

There was a time when kabaddi was completely unknown to people outside of India. Today that is changing. Many people outside of India are increasingly starting to take an interest in this sport, now that we have the Pro Kabaddi League. People from Europe, the UK and many Asian countries are betting on kabaddi due to the sheer excitement of the game, and as an Indian player, of course you can do the same. We will show you how.

Best Kabaddi Betting Sites in India

Our rating:
  • Easy and convenient ways to deposit money
  • Huge selection of odds on cricket and other sports
  • Also offers poker and many other casino games
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Up to ₹2,500

Turnover: 6x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.75

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  • Huge sportsbook including Indian sports such as kabaddi
  • Very friendly Indian customer support
  • Tons of different promotions on a weekly basis
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150% Up To ₹7000

Turnover: 15x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.50

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  • Exclusively for Indian players
  • Offers popular Indian sports, such as kabaddi
  • Gives out regular promotions to players
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100% Up To ₹7,500

Turnover: 12x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.60 Bonus code: 100MIGHTY

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  • One of the biggest game selections on the market
  • No limits, deposit, and bet as much as you want
  • Offers a large array of profitable promotions
Sport bonus:

200% Up to ₹9,750

Turnover: 5x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.40 Bonus code: 1x_35082

Questions & Answers about Kabaddi Betting in India

Are you wondering how to get started with kabaddi betting? Hopefully this article can give you answers. Below you will find some of the most common questions people have asked us.

What is kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a traditional contact team sport which has been played for literally thousands of years on the Indian subcontinent. In recent years it has become more and more popular with the arrival of the Pro Kabaddi League.

How do you bet on kabaddi?

First of all, you need to choose a betting site which offers kabaddi betting. We have dedicated this page to show you all the betting sites that offer betting on kabaddi and accept Indian players.

What is the best kabaddi betting site?

That is very much a personal question, but we hope that could will be able to find the best kabaddi site for you by reading through this article.

Is it possible to live stream kabaddi?

Yes! There are several betting sites which offer live streaming of kabaddi.

Can I play using a kabaddi betting app?

Many betting sites offer a betting app that the players can use at their convenience. These betting apps also allow you to bet on kabaddi.

Can I bet on kabaddi using Indian rupees?

Yes. All betting sites featured here on Mybetting allow you to deposit and play with Indian rupees.

Kabaddi Betting

People all over the world bet on football, horse racing, and other favorite sports, but in the case of kabaddi, two significant issues prevent the unleashing of the untapped potential of the game. First, most of the betting and gambling sites have their focus on European countries where the sport is unheard of. Secondly, gambling laws in India are somewhat unclear. Moreover, betting is not as popular here as it is in European countries yet. This combination makes it hard to figure out how to bet on kabaddi and where to find good betting sites offering kabaddi betting.

Pro Kabaddi Betting

Introduced in India in 2014, the Pro Kabaddi League is comprised of players from across the world with eight franchises. With the addition of new teams in 2017, the popularity of the game has increased all over the world. People who never heard of the sport a few years ago are now so passionate about the game that they are pooling in for betting on the odds. Through the IPL tournament, kabaddi has attained the recognition it deserves. This has also given rise to a majority of the viewers taking part in pro kabaddi betting.

Kabaddi Betting sites

How to bet on kabaddi in India

There are plenty of genuine online bookies that offer excellent opportunities on kabaddi betting. However, the variety can be puzzling for beginners. The upside is that players have few restrictions and thus, can try their hand at more new bets. You can bet on a draw if applicable or pick a side for betting on their odds. If the odds of winning outright don't seem to entice you, one of the most active pro kabaddi betting tips is to bet on other aspects such as goals per half, cards or the number of targets. There are plenty of different options available to you.

Even though the market of kabaddi betting is not as extensive as more populær sports such as football or cricket, specific kabaddi sites offer lucrative wagering. However, if you prefer to go for standard bets, things would be much more comfortable. Let us take a look at some of the betting sites that offer a full and transparent kabaddi betting experience.

Betrally: India's favorite kabaddi betting site

100% Up To ₹7,500

Betrally is by far, the best platform for sports betting targeted at Indian bettors. It offers a wide variety of popular Indian sports such as cricket, football and some not-so-popular sports like kabaddi. The best thing is that Indian sports are a significant focus of this site which makes Indian bettors feel valued and welcome. Betrally offers a premium Pro Kabaddi Betting experience by notifying bettors about the odds and enabling them to place promising bets.

Players can also bet on Super Kabbaddi Leagues and World Cups. It is also a valuable site in monetary terms as there is no shortage of offers and promotions for wagers. Starting from the massive welcome bonus of Rs. 7,500, Betrally offers Rs. 750 Live Bet for free. Every week, the players can bet five in-play bets. Users also earn free bets when they refer the platform to a friend. So, the site has got users covered in the referral rewards area. They have been marketing themselves as an exclusive platform for Indian users.

The currency denominations are in INR including deposit and withdrawal options. This makes it furthermore convenient for Indian players as there are no hassles of currency conversions and transfer fee for bettors. The interface is pretty simple, which is a great advantage for newbies. Before you put any actual money out on the table, you have the option to make adjustments for your bet. The provision of accumulator bets allows you to play for higher profits. Your bet slip displays the actual potential of winning.

The power odds section displays the sports with boosted odds. Players can avail the opportunity to turn blind bets into wins by making a wise choice here. Even though the platform is especially famous among casino players, kabaddi betting is an area where Betrally also do a really great job.

1xBet: Offers betting choices on unconventional sports from across the globe

200% Up to ₹9,750

With a sign-up bonus of Rs. 15,000 or more, 1xBet has a lot to offer Indian players for kabaddi betting as well as for a ton of other games. It welcomes users from across the globe with an approach that attracts Indians the most. The incredible welcome bonus along with a wide array of Asian sports including kabaddi is sure to make Indian users feel welcome. The diversity is the best feature of the site.

From the ease with which Indian players can place their bets on kabaddi, it is clear that the site is marketing itself as a platform where Asian players can feel comfortable. The provision of betting exchange allows users to offer each other bets. All you need to do is click on the exchange, and an entire list of bets provided by players from different parts of the world will be accessible to you. The commission charged by the site isn't that high which ensures that the players get a fair share of profits with the help of their skill.

Betway: A safe and reliable betting site for beginners and pros

Up to ₹2,500

Betway is one of the most popular platforms for sports betting, often advertised as the best site for beginners. End-to-end encryption along with deposit and withdrawal in Indian rupees increases the convenience of the players. Despite a clear focus on European sports, the site offers the utmost comfort for Indian players.

Having recently introduced kabaddi to their portfolio, it is clear that Betway is now making a move to attract more Indian players. Not to mention the welcome bonus of up to Rs. 2,500 which is an added advantage. Betway is the go-to place for bettors who enjoy a minimalistic and reliable betting platform.

Dafabet: An Asian alternative with a strong portfolio of sports from around the world

150% Up To ₹7000

Dafabet is one of the betting sites that has a powerful focus on the Indian market and Asia in general. Just like other betting sites, Dafabet has a wide array of sports to wager on. One of the main advantages with Dafabet is that they welcome Indian wagers and makes betting an easier process for them. With a wide array of kabaddi games from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, it is clear that there is no scarcity of kabaddi betting options on Dafabet.

Apart from the withdrawal and deposit options in Indian rupees, the site offers excellent customer service. The availability of the website in Hindi makes it easier for native speakers who struggle with English to place bets. You can also place free bets up to Rs. 2000.

How do we qualify the best kabaddi betting sites?

Watching an enticing game while thinking about filling your pockets is exciting, isn't it? With sites like Betrally, 1xBet, and Betway offering promising betting options to players, it is likely that you might get carried away. Amidst the excitement, it is essential to maintain a wise approach and select the right website for pooling your hard earned money.

The number of online bookies for kabaddi are somewhat limited due to the rarity of the sport. But those who offer kabaddi betting are the best in the market. There are certain aspects you need to examine in the process of finding the best kabaddi betting sites in India. Let us take a look at some of the factors you need to consider to find the best kabaddi sites.

Easy Registration

Nothing is more boring than lengthy and complicated sign-up procedures. There is no shortage of websites that allow you to try your luck. Make sure you opt for the one that has a quick registration process. No user deserves a monotonous sign-up procedure. If you think you are stuck with signing up for a long time, consider skipping it and moving on to some other site.

A good pro kabaddi betting site asks for basics such as your name, a username, date of birth, a password, and some details about the preferences of the user. Entering these details and signing up shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes.

Promotions and Welcome Bonuses

One of the most important factors a user should consider before signing up for a betting website is the return on investment. An important determinant that ensures a better ROI is a generous welcome bonus. The modern day Indian betting scene is quite active which has led to immense competition between bookmakers. A site failing to offer a decent welcome bonus is bound to suffer a loss.

When you have narrowed down the websites, opt for the one with the best offers, coupons, and rewards. For instance, Betway is an excellent betting website that offers INR 2500 bonus for new users. Even better, 1xBet provides a bonus of 200% on your deposit up to INR 9,750! These offers can turn out to be extremely handy during payments and betting.


Much like a traditional casino place, online betting and gambling websites charge a commission for bringing the enormous world of betting to the screens of users across the globe. A small fee in the form of a commission is acceptable. But if it begins to take a toll on your share, consider that a red flag.

Besides registration fees, the betting site you are using deducts a portion of your winning amount. Their commission determines how much you are going to profit in the end. When you are sure that you have narrowed down the best kabaddi betting sites, compare them regarding the commission they charge from players. Opt for the one that deducts the least percentage of your winning amount, which will aid you in making the most out of your win and increase your profits.

Live Betting

A live betting option is a highly advantageous function that many betting sites offer. Live betting is a crucial aspect that you should take into account, especially if you plan to bet on kabaddi. If your strategy is effective, live betting options are the best ways to earn some extra rupees at the last moments of the game.

In any match, the odds always keep changing. When a game is in progress, the odds keep fluctuating. Viewers and bettors should be able to place bets according to the current situation of the game. Betting methods available just before the game begins are not always reliable. This feature eliminates the need of sitting in front of a Television for extended hours during the match.

Live Streaming

Another feature that eradicates the requirement of being hooked to the T.V screen is live streaming. Most of the betting sites nowadays provide live streaming of the games in a small window. It enables players to bet while the game is going on. It also helps them plan out an effective strategy as they are always updated about what is going on in the game. You can also see live events that further help in enhancing your odds of placing a better bet.

Regardless of your current location, you can bet any time. Most sites that provide betting options for on-going events and matches offer live streaming. which makes it easier for the user to make predictions despite ever-changing odds. If there is a pattern, the user can identify it and place a strategically thought out bet.

Due to complicated legal situations in the country and the rarity of the game across the globe, it might be difficult to find a site that offers live streaming. But if you do manage to come across a reputed bookmaker with the live streaming feature, make sure you grab the opportunity.

Mobile Betting

In the current digital age, smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. It is hard to spot a person without a smartphone these days. The recent technological revolution has had a powerful impact on the way every industry operates. Almost all business websites had to optimize their content according to a mobile interface and offer more convenience to smartphone users.

The secret behind sectors that are flourishing is that they have a killer website, app or a site that is adequately optimized for mobile users. It is only fair that betting sites provide a useful option for betters who are on the go. A betting site that has moved to a mobile platform can ease the worry of accessibility, time, and location. So, always search for a betting site that provides the opportunity for mobile betting.

Accepts Rupees

One of the most stressful processes Indian players have to go through is the hassle of currency conversion. Opting for a site that accepts deposits and withdrawals in rupees saves players from a lot of trouble. The loading and withdrawal become easy for wagers. The option of Google Pay will make the process even more convenient. Before you trust a site and involve money, make sure you check out the currencies it accepts. All betting sites listed here on Mybetting accept Indian rupees.

Wrapping it up

Initiating its rise from the dust, it is safe to conclude that the craze for kabaddi is set to become even more popular in the coming few years. The success of online betting platforms and the huge fanbase of the Pro Kabaddi league all over the world, one thing is for sure: kabaddi betting is sure to take a right turn. The television viewership of kabaddi matches has already witnessed a significant rise in the past few years. It has provided the necessary commercial viability to the fascinating sport.

Not only is kabaddi is rising to the level of cricket in India, but it has also left behind other more established sports including wrestling and badminton. After IPL, PKL is the most watched sports event in India. The popularity of kabaddi has skyrocketed in India since 2015. Since even Bollywood stars have come forward to support the sport, the upcoming rise of kabaddi betting is pretty apparent.