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How to Use Parimatch in India

How to use Parimatch in India (Super Simple Guide)

11 February 2021

Read this article to learn all about how to join Parimatch and how to use Parimatch in India!

So you have heard about Parimatch and now you are wondering what this betting site is all about?

Maybe you have questions about how to use Parimatch: How do you sign up on Parimatch, how do you make deposits, and does Parimatch even work in India?

All these questions (and many more) will be answered in this article.

What is Parimatch?

Parimatch is an international online betting site that is open to Indian players, as well as players from around the world.

Parimatch allows you to place bets on all your favorite sporting events, including cricket, football, horse racing, and even esports and virtual sports.

How to use Parimatch India

FAQ About Parimatch

🔒 Is Parimatch safe?

Yes, Parimatch is totally safe to use.

Parimatch is licensed by Curacao eGaming, which is a very common and respected gambling license around the world.

📜 Is Parimatch legal in India?

Yes, Parimatch is legal in most of India.

The only exceptions are a few states in India where online betting sites are prohibited. This includes Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. But in most states, online betting sites remain legal to use.

💰 Can I get a welcome bonus on Parimatch?

Yes, Parimatch offers a great welcome bonus to all new players from India.

As a welcome bonus, Parimatch will double the first deposit you make!

💸 Is Parimatch a scam?

No, Parimatch is not a scam. They are a legitimate betting site with thousands of customers around the globe, including thousands right here in India.

Parimatch offers an excellent betting experience, and we are sure you will enjoy it if you try.

Why use Parimatch?

Parimatch is what we call a hidden gem. A very good betting site that most people are familiar with.

Parimatch may not be as big or popular as betting giants like Bet365 or Betway, but they offer a fantastic betting experience that is convenient for Indian players.

Below you will find some of the great benefits associated with using Parimatch in India.

Benefits of using Parimatch

  • Parimatch is a great and user-friendly betting platform
  • You can deposit with UPI on Parimatch
  • Parimatch offers a great welcome bonus with low wagering
  • Parimatch has an awesome selection of esports

Step 1: How to Open a Parimatch Account

Setting up an account on Parimatch is surprisingly straightforward.

You don’t need to provide much information about yourself when creating an account on Parimatch. Just a phone number and a password. That’s all it takes.

Creating an account on Parimatch takes no more than 30 seconds!

Some betting sites want you to type in tons of personal information, such as your address, your age, your email, your mothers maiden name and much more. Parimatch is not like that. They make it super simple and fast to create an account.

Follow the steps below to see how to create an account on Parimatch.

Parimatch Account Creation

  1. Hit the button to join Parimatch now.
  2. Type in your phone number and desired password.
  3. Then click the Sign Up button

Boom! That’s all it takes to set up an account on Parimatch. Easy peasy, right?

Now that you have an account on Parimatch, it’s time to move on to the next step: making a deposit.

Step 2: Depositing money on Parimatch

Depositing money into online betting sites used to be difficult for Indian players - but thanks to innovative sites like Parimatch, depositing money is no longer an issue!

Over the last couple of years, more and more betting sites have begun to accept Indian payment methods like UPI and Paytm, and Parimatch is one of them.

It is obvious that Parimatch wants to attract more Indian players: they accept the best Indian deposit methods.

You can deposit on Parimatch with the most convenient Indian payment methods, including UPI!

Here is a list of all the payment methods available on Parimatch:

  • UPI
  • Paytm
  • Indian NetBanking
  • AstroPay Card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cryptocurrency
  • And more
Deposit on Parimatch

As you can see, Parimatch accepts a diverse selection of different deposit methods, ranging from local Indian payment methods to international e-wallets and payment cards.

With these deposit methods, it should be easy for every Indian player to make a deposit on Parimatch!

We will now go through the specifics of how to deposit with some of the most popular deposit methods on Parimatch.

How to deposit with UPI on Parimatch

Using UPI is one of the most convenient ways to deposit money on Parimatch.

With the help of UPI, your money will be transferred from your bank account, directly into your Parimatch betting account - instantly!

  1. To deposit with UPI, select the UPI option from the deposit menu on Parimatch.
  2. Now, type in the amount you wish to deposit (minimum amount Rs. 551).
  3. Then type in your UPI address and click on PAY.
  4. You will now receive a push notification directly in your UPI wallet app asking you to confirm the payment.
  5. Click to confirm the payment, and the money will be transferred from your bank account to your Parimatch account.

The deposited amount will be available for use instantly!

How to deposit with Indian NetBanking on Parimatch

Depositing with NetBanking works almost like UPI.

When making a NetBanking transfer, the money will be transferred directly, and instantly, from your bank account to your Parimatch account. However, transferring money with Indian NetBanking is slightly more cumbersome than UPI.

  • To deposit with NetBanking, select the NetBanking option from the deposit menu on Parimatch.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and type in your full name, email, phone number, home address, and click on Continue.
  • You will then be asked to select your bank. After selecting your bank, click on Pay.
  • Now, you will need to log in to your bank account and confirm the transaction.

When that is done, the money will be transferred from your bank account to your Parimatch betting account.

Processing time: Instant

Deposit with Net Banking on Parimatch small

How to deposit with RuPay Card on Parimatch

The RuPay card is an Indian debit card that is issued by all banks in India. The card can be used to make payments on Parimatch as well as other betting sites in India.

The RuPay debit card has yet to gain massive adoption throughout India, but if you are a RuPay cardholder, you will find it easy and convenient to make instant deposits on Parimatch.

  1. To deposit with a RuPay Card, click on the deposit menu and select the Rupay Card option.
  2. You will now be taken to a second screen where you are asked to type in the amount you wish to deposit.
  3. When this is done, you must type in your card details.
  4. After inputting your details, click the Pay button and the money will be transferred from your bank account, directly to your Parimatch account via your RuPay card!

The processing time is instant, and there are no fees!

So if you have a RuPay card, we think it’s a great and convenient option to use when making deposits on Parimatch, or any other betting site.

Deposit with rupay on parimatch

How to deposit with Paytm on Parimatch

Using Paytm is perhaps the simplest way to deposit on Parimatch.
  1. To deposit with Paytm, select Paytm from the deposit menu.
  2. Parimatch will display their actual Paytm number. Copy the number and open your Paytm wallet app.
  3. After opening your Paytm app, click on Paytm Cash and tap on Send Money.
  4. Now, enter the amount you wish to send and send it off.

That’s all it takes to deposit on Parimatch with Paytm.

The money will be instantly available for use in your Parimatch account!

💲 Deposit with Cash on Delivery in Hyderabad

For players living in Hyderabad, it is possible to deposit via cash on delivery on Parimatch.

To deposit with cash on delivery, select this option from the deposit menu.

Now, type in all the requested personal details about yourself, as well as the amount you wish to deposit.

Shortly after, you will receive a call from one a Parimatch agent who will come to your selected location and pick up the deposit.

Cash on Delivery minimum deposit: Rs. 4,000

Step 3: How to get a bonus on Parimatch

After having made a deposit on Parimatch, you will be eligible to claim a deposit bonus.

This deposit bonus, or welcome bonus, varies in size depending on how much money you deposit on Parimatch.

See the details of the Parimatch bonus below:

Sport bonus:

Bonus Up To ₹20,000
150% Deposit Bonus

Turnover: 8x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.75 Bonus code: No Code Needed

How to claim the Parimatch bonus

  1. Click the button to claim the bonus on Parimatch
  2. Create a new Parimatch account - it only takes a second.
  3. Make a deposit on Parimatch.
After making your deposit, Parimatch will double your deposit amount with bonus money.

Example: If you deposit Rs. 5,000, Parimatch will give you an additional Rs; 5,000, leaving you with a total of 10,000 rupees to bet with!

Click the button to get started on Parimatch and claim your bonus now!

How to place bets on Parimatch

After completing the steps above, you have opened up a Parimatch account, made a deposit, and claimed your welcome bonus.

Now it’s time to start placing some bets. This is when the fun starts.

Whether you are new to online betting, or a seasoned player, we are sure you won’t have any problem placing a bet on Parimatch. The betting platform is intuitive and easy to use.

Placing a bet on Parimatch is easy - they are one of the most user friendly betting sites in India!

The first thing to do is find the event you wish to bet on. You can view all the available sports in the sportsbook on the left-hand side of your screen. Let's imagine you select cricket.

After clicking on cricket, a list of countries appears. By selecting a country, you will be able to view all the different cricket leagues and tournaments being played in that particular country.

Alternatively, you can view international cricket by clicking on the National teams button.

Click on a league or tournament, and this will open up all the available matches in the tournament that you can bet on.

How to bet on Parimatch

When you select a match, you will be presented with a large number of different betting options. This includes match-winner, tied match, number of runs, and much more.

When you click on a betting option, it will be added to your bet slip. This allows you to view your selection and adjust the amount of money you want to wager on it.

When you are happy with your selection, click on Place Bet. Your money will then be deducted from your betting balance and your bet will be active!

How to place bets on parimatch small
📝 How to verify your Parimatch account

Verifying your Parimatch account is an essential step to complete before you can make a withdrawal from Parimatch.

Note: You will be able to use all the features available on Parimatch even without verifying your account - but you will not be able to withdraw money before account verification is complete.

Account verification on Parimatch is easy compared to other betting sites.

You just need to type in a couple of personal details about yourself, such as your full name, date of birth, and email address.

You don’t have to upload any identity papers, but remember that your personal details must match the details on your Aadhar card, in case Parimatch ask you to provide an identification document in the future.

When you have typed in your personal information, click on the Save button, and you are done verifying your account!

How to withdraw money from Parimatch

To withdraw money from your Parimatch account, click on the main menu tab and select My Account.

Now click on Finances and select Withdraw.

You will then be able to select among all the available withdrawal methods.

Please note: you will only be able to withdraw using bank transfer, as well as any methods you have used in the past.

Example: if you have used UPI to make a deposit, you will be able to withdraw money again using UPI.

Withdrawing money from Parimatch is simple and fast!

You don’t have to wait days and weeks for your money to arrive. The withdrawal process on Parimatch is fast, so you can confidently trust that your funds will be paid out in a timely manner!

Join Parimatch Now

Bonus Up To ₹20,000
150% Deposit Bonus

Now that you know everything there is to know about how to join Parimatch and how to use Parimatch in India, are you ready to get started?

A world of entertaining and exciting betting options await you on Parimatch India!

Click the button below to claim your bonus and join now!

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