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Where to get the best cricket betting odds in India

18 February 2019

Read this article to find out where to get the best cricket betting odds in India!

Best Cricket Betting Odds

Getting the best possible odds is essential when you bet on cricket or any other sport. It will determine how much profit you make when the bet is won.

The better odds you get, the bigger your profits will be!

The help you get the best cricket betting odds in India, we decided to do a bit of research.

According to our findings, Betway offers the best cricket betting odds on a consistent basis.


Best Cricket Betting Odds In India

Betway provides the best cricket betting odds in India!

Looking for the best cricket betting odds? You will find them all on Betway India.

On Betway, you can bet on cricket from around the world. This includes both minor and major leagues and tournaments from all the world's cricket nations.

So whether you want to place bets on a T20 match between India and Pakistan or a small cricket match from the Caribbean Premier League, you will have the opportunity to do so!

No matter what cricket game you choose to bet on, you will get the best cricket betting odds on Betway!

So if you wanna start betting on cricket and you want the best odds on the market, sign up on Betway now.

What are cricket betting odds?

If you are familiar with cricket betting, you probably already know about betting odds, but for the sake of the new converts, let us try to explain what cricket betting odds are!

Cricket betting odds are numbers that show the chance or probability of an event happening in a cricket match. They determine the amount of money that can be won from our stakes.

What are cricket betting odds

The lowest odds have the highest chance of success, while the higher odds are more unlikely of happening, and thus give a greater payout when successful.

Odds can be presented in different formats, including fractions and decimals. The most popular format in India is the decimal format. Events that have a high probability of happening usually carry lower odds, while those that are unlikely to happen have high odds. For example, consider a Test match between India and the West Indies in Chennai.

India is known to be very strong at home while the current West Indies side is not the best travelers. Because India is heavy favorites to win the match, the odds on an India win will be very low, say 1.23, while Windies’ odds can be as high as 9.87.

Why are cricket betting odds important?

The odds you get when you place your bet, determine how much profit you will make when the bet is won.

Getting competitive odds is an essential factor players must consider before selecting a bookmaker for cricket betting. Finding a site offering the best cricket betting odds can be challenging, as most bookmakers keep their odds tight.

To maximize your profits, it is important to look for an online cricket betting site that provides the best odds. After all, getting the best bang out of your buck is the aim here.

The key strategy for becoming a winner in the long term lies in the odds. Switching from your regular bookmaker to a new one might seem a little overwhelming at first, but if the other cricket site has great odds to offer, you need to make the change.

Another betting site that provides highly competitive cricket betting odds is Bet365.


World class betting site with competitive cricket betting odds

If you have been looking for a betting site with competitive cricket betting odds, well, your search is over. Bet365 has some of the best cricket odds on the market.

Bet365 provides a bigger selection of cricket matches than any other betting site, with some of the best odds you will find!

Bet365 is arguably the biggest and most respected betting site in the world, catering to millions of customers around the globe. They have a host of exciting betting features, including a gigantic live streaming section, where you can watch cricket matches. In addition, they also accept Indian players!

Actually, not only do they accept Indian players, but they also make cricket betting very convenient and interesting for us! They accept Indian Rupees and allow us to pay via methods like Neteller, Skrill, and AstroPay cards.

Bet365 also gives out plenty of freebies, including a nice and generous welcome bonus.

Sign up today to get access to this offer and other great features on Bet365.

How cricket betting odds work

To show how cricket odds work, let's revisit our earlier example of the Test match between India and West Indies. Recall that India is valued at odds of 1.23 to win, while the odds for a very unlikely West Indies victory are 9.87.

If you stake Rs. 1.000 on an India win, the amount of money you can earn is calculated by multiplying your stake by the odds of your predicted outcome. In this case, you will earn Rs. 1.230 (1000×1.23) if India goes on to win the match.

On the other hand, if for whatever reason, you take the big gamble of backing the West Indies with Rs. 1.000, your potential winnings will be Rs. 9.870 (9.87×1000). As you can clearly see; the higher the risk, the higher the odds, and the bigger your winnings.

If your bet contains more than one selection, the total odds will be the product of all individual odds. Bets that have more than one selection are called accumulators. For example, let's assume that you have included the following Indian Premier League matches on your accumulator:

  • Mumbai Indians to beat Kings XI Punjab at odds of 1.68
  • Chennai Super Kings to beat Rajasthan Royals at odds of 2.58
  • Kolkata Knight Riders to beat Sunrisers Hyderabad at odds of 2.19

The total odds will be 1.68 × 2.58 × 2.19, which is approximately 9.49. If you stake Rs. 1.000 on this bet slip, the potential winnings will be Rs. 9.490.

Note that cricket betting sites usually add a bonus amount to your potential winnings when you have multiple selections on your bet slip.

Very good cricket betting odds Bet365

These cricket betting odds appeared in a test match between England and the West Indies on Bet365

Where to find the best cricket live betting odds

A lot can change during a cricket match. A team may suffer an unforeseen batting collapse, a bowler may be off his line and length, and the umpire may be having a terrible day. All of these can cast our pre-match bets into serious jeopardy. But do not worry, live betting is there to save the day!

Live betting is the betting feature that allows us to bet on cricket matches while they are happening in real-time. It gives us the chance to react to changes during a cricket match, and place bets according to the state of the game.

Live betting is dynamic, riveting, and very entertaining. Live betting odds on a cricket match are never static; they are updated in real-time and keep changing to show the flow of the game.

To make the most from cricket live betting, find a betting site that offers the best odds.

For the umpteenth time, let us bring back our India vs. West Indies example! India is heavy favorites according to pre-match analysis and expert opinions, with pre-match odds of 1.23, while West Indies are unfancied at 9.87.

However, when the match begins, things take an ugly turn for team India. Virat Kohli's men are surprisingly bowled out for 120, while West Indies make 300 in their first innings. All of a sudden, the visitors are in an excellent position to win the match.

The live odds for a Windies victory will drop significantly, let’s say to 2.68, while India's could rise to about 3.27. At this point, you can either choose to keep faith with India and pray for a dramatic second-innings turnaround or jump ship and place a quick live bet on a Windies win!

Live betting odds vary from bookie to bookie, so make sure you find the site that offers the most competitive odds.

  • Our experts found 10Cric to have some really great live betting odds.


Best LIVE Cricket Betting Odds in India

From the name of the site, you already know what they are all about! 10Cric is very heavy on cricket; and as a result, has become a firm favorite amongst Indian bettors.

On 10 Cric you will find cricket matches from all parts of the world at super competitive odds!

The live betting odds on 10Cric are some of the best you will get in India.

10Cric is very easy to use, with the site allowing convenient deposit methods like AstroPay Cards, Neteller, and Skrill. Like all great betting sites in India, they accept Indian Rupee payments.

This bookmaker also has a really cool welcome bonus for all new players from India. Click the button below to check it out for yourself!

Start betting on cricket with the best cricket betting odds!

Now that you know where to find the best cricket betting odds, go on and sign up with any of the sites we have recommended and start winning big!

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