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How to use betwinner india

How to use Betwinner in India

5 March 2021

Betwinner is rapidly becoming one of the most popular betting sites in India. If you haven’t tried Betwinner yet, now is the time to get in on the action - in this article, we will tell you everything there is to know about how to use Betwinner in India!

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Betwinner is one of the most recent betting sites to enter the Indian market, yet in a very short span of time, they have already become very adored among Indian players!

One of the main reasons why players love Betwinner is the awesome game selection they offer: you can bet on more than 50 different sports, including cricket, football, tennis, horse racing, and even kabaddi.

Joining Betwinner and depositing Indian Rupees is easy. They even accept Indian payment methods such as UPI and Paytm!

If this sounds good to you, then we recommend that we give Betwinner a try - we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

Benefits of Using Betwinner

✔️ Huge selection of sports and games available

✔️ Amazing live betting platform which lets you bet on multiple events

✔️ A multitude of great and convenient payment methods for Indian players

✔️ Well-furnished casino with lots of games and live casino tables

FAQ About Betwinner

🇮🇳 How can Indian players join Betwinner?

The best way for Indian players to join Betwinner is by clicking the link below, which will take players directly to the Indian version of Betwinner.

💲 How to deposit Indian Rupees on Betwinner?

Depositing INR on Betwinner is really easy and can be done using a variety of common Indian payment methods. This includes:

  • UPI
  • Paytm
  • Indian NetBanking

You can also deposit using the most popular international payment methods, such as:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cryptocurrency
  • And much more

Click here to join Betwinner and make your deposit now.

💰 How to get a welcome bonus on Betwinner?

Getting your hands on a welcome bonus from Betwinner is simple and easy.

All new players are entitled to the Betwinner welcome bonus!

The only thing you have to do is join Betwinner, make a qualifying deposit, and then the bonus will automatically be credited to your account.

🏧 How to withdraw money from Betwinner?

To withdraw money from Betwinner, you must use the same method which was used to deposit.

Example: If you used Paytm to deposit on Betwinner, you must use Paytm again to make your withdrawal.

  • Click here to learn more about how to withdraw from Betwinner.
📜 Is Betwinner legal in India?

Yes, Betwinner is legal in India.

For a betting site to be legal in India, the site must accept deposits in Indian Rupees and the betting site must be located outside India. Betwinner lives up to both of these requirements.

Important note: there are a few states in India which prohibit the use of betting sites. As such, even betting sites like Betwinner are not legal to use in these states.

This includes states such as Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Click here for more information about the legality of online betting in India.

🔒 Is Betwinner safe?

Yes, Betwinner is very safe to use.

They are a legitimate betting site, trusted by millions of players from around the world, including many players right here in India.

You can be sure that your money, your data and your personal details are safe in the hands of Betwinner.

How to sign up on Betwinner

Creating an account on Betwinner is really easy - actually, it’s one of the easiest betting sites to get started on.

Betwinner allows players to sign up using the so-called One Click Registration method.

This means that your Betwinner account is created instantly, without the need to type in any details about yourself!

Betwinner Account Creation

Follow the steps below to set up your account on Betwinner in just a few moments!

  1. Click the button to join Betwinner now. You will then be redirected to Betwinner.
  2. Now, in the Registration field at the top of the screen, select your currency.
  3. Then check the button to agree to the terms and conditions on the site.
  4. Lastly, click Register. Now, your Betwinner account will be created instantly!
Creating an account on Betwinner takes less than 1 minute - even a monkey can do it!

Now that you have your Betwinner account set up and ready to go, it’s time to make a deposit.

How to deposit on Betwinner in India

Depositing money on Betwinner is an easy process for Indian players.

Betwinner appeals to Indian players by making it easy and straightforward to deposit Indian Rupees on the betting site.

Betwinner makes it super easy for Indians to deposit money!

On Betwinner you can deposit using a variety of local Indian payment methods, along with a wide assortment of international payment methods.

There are literally almost a hundred different deposit methods on Betwinner, but most of them aren’t really relevant for Indian players. Below you will find a list of the best deposit methods for Indians on Betwinner.

Best deposit methods on Betwinner:

  • UPI
  • PayTM
  • NetBanking
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cryptocurrency

Using these convenient deposit methods, it should be possible for anyone to make a deposit on Betwinner.

Click the button below to join Betwinner and make your deposit today!

How to deposit on Betwinner with UPI

If you are from India, you have definitely heard of UPI.

UPI is a payment interface that allows Indians to transfer money directly and instantly from their bank accounts to any recipient using a UPI-supported app wallet.

For Indians using UPI, we are happy to report that Betwinner accepts deposits via UPI, which is the best and easiest way to deposit on Betwinner.

Depositing with UPI is simple and fast, and best of all: it’s entirely free!

How to deposit on Betwinner with Paytm

Paytm is a super-popular online merchant and ewallet which is loved and used by millions of Indians on a daily basis.

Just like with UPI, Paytm also allows you to send instant transfers, however, in the case of Paytm the money is taken from your Paytm wallet balance rather than your bank account balance.

Betwinner allows you to send money to your Betwinner account directly using your Paytm balance in a matter of seconds!

So if you are an active Paytm user, and if you carry a balance in your Paytm wallet, we definitely recommend using this deposit method!

Note: Depositing with Paytm costs some minor service charges.

How to deposit on Betwinner with NetBanking

NetBanking is our third-most preferred option for depositing on Betwinner.

NetBanking works a lot like UPI, in that the money is transferred directly from your bank account to your Betwinner account.

However, you don’t need any UPI app to make the deposit: just type in all your bank details, confirm the transaction in your online banking portal, and the money is off!

The money will arrive in your Betwinner account in a matter of moments!

How to get a bonus on Betwinner

If you are new to Betwinner, you may be wondering: “does Betwinner offer a welcome bonus and how do I get my hands on it?”

We are happy to tell you that yes, Betwinner does offer a welcome bonus, and getting your hands on it is surprisingly easy!

As a new player on Betwinner, you will get a nice and generous deposit bonus!

The welcome bonus on Betwinner gives you up to Rs. 8,000!

The welcome bonus from Betwinner is a deposit bonus, meaning that new players need to make a deposit in order to unlock the bonus.

It works like this: Betwinner will double your first deposit up to a maximum of Rs. 8,000.

  • For example: If you deposit 8,000, Betwinner will give you an additional 8,000, leaving you with a total of 16,000 rupees to play around with on Betwinner!

If you are ready to claim your Betwinner bonus and get started playing, then click the button below!

Sport bonus:

Bonus Up To ₹8,000
100% Deposit Bonus

Turnover: 5x bonus amount Lowest odds: 1.40 Bonus code: No Code Needed

How to place a bet on Betwinner

After having made a deposit, you are ready to place your first bet on Betwinner.

If you are new to the world of online betting, then placing a bet on Betwinner may seem a little bit complicated. However, we assure you, placing a bet on Betwinner is actually really easy!

Step one is to open the sportsbook, which is where you can view all the available betting options on Betwinner. You open the sportsbook by clicking on the Sports tab in the main menu.

Now, you will be able to view all the different sports betting options on the left-hand side of the screen. You can bet on any number of sports, from football to cricket, to the more obscure sports such as water polo, snooker, and even the weather!

To place a bet, click on the sport you wish to bet on. This will open up a new screen where you can view the different leagues and tournaments taking place within that sport.

Example: If you select cricket, you will be able to see tournaments such as IPL, Vijay Hazare, International Tests, ODI’s, Twenty20’s, Sheffield Shield, and many others.

When you click on a tournament, you will see all the matches that you can bet on within that tournament.

For the sake of this example, we will select the Vijay Hazare Trophy where we find a cricket match between Uttarakhand and Delhi.

Now we can see the different betting options available on that particular match. If you select a certain betting option, then it will be added to your bet slip where you can adjust the size of your wager.

How to place a bet on Betwinner India

You can also add additional betting options to your bet slip. This will turn the bet into a combo or accumulator bet.

Accumulator bets allow you to win much greater prizes, but the odds of winning are also substantially lower.

When you are satisfied with your bet slip, then click the yellow button to place your bet. The money will then be deducted from your Betwinner account and your bet will be active!

How to withdraw money from Betwinner

Withdrawing money from Betwinner is easy! Withdrawing money can be done using the same methods that were used to deposit.

Example: If you deposited money on Betwinner using UPI, you will need to use UPI again when making withdrawals.

To make a withdrawal, simply click on the My Account button in the main menu. Then click on the withdrawal button in the left-hand side of the screen.

You will now be able to choose your withdrawal method - remember, you can only use methods that were previously used to make deposits on Betwinner.

After selecting a withdrawal method, simply type in the amount you wish to withdraw and hit confirm.

Your withdrawal request will now be dispatched to the Betwinner withdrawal team. You can follow the current status of your withdrawal by clicking on the yellow Withdrawal Request button at the top of the screen.

Before being able to withdraw from Betwinner, you need to verify your account.

📄 How to verify Betwinner account

Verifying your Betwinner account is very easy, like everything else on this betting site.

Tip: To make the verification process as fast and smooth as possible, we recommend starting the Betwinner verification as soon as you have created your account. This will help avoid any unnecessary delays.

To start the verification, click on the My Account button in the main menu. This will open up your personal profile, where you can type in all your personal details, contact details and so on.

Make sure to type in your correct and legal information - the information must match the info on your personal ID card!

After typing in your personal information, the next step is to upload a copy of your Aadhar Card.

When this is done, click the yellow Save button at the bottom of the screen. Betwinner will now begin the process of verifying your account.

You will be notified with a message and an email when your account is verified!

How to contact Betwinner customer support

If you have questions about how to deposit, how to place bets, how to verify your account or any other issues with the betting platform, you can always contact Betwinner customer support.

There are multiple ways to contact Betwinner support. These include:

  • Live Chat
  • Telephone
  • Or Email

Betwinner Live Chat Support

Betwinner customer support is always only a single click away. You can contact customer support instantly by opening the live chat support window, which can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Simply open up the live chat window and start typing in your question or issue. A support agent will typically reply within 1 minute!

So if you have a quick question, then the fastest way to get a reply is through the Betwinner live chat.

Betwinner Email Support

If your question is of a more serious nature, or if it requires deeper explanation, then we recommend sending an email to Betwinner support.

Sending an email is recommended for more serious issues, because the email will be viewed by several members of the support team who can then guide you to the most appropriate solution.

Also, sending an email is sometimes better than using the live chat, because it allows you to keep a record of what has been said, by who, and when.

You can email Betwinner support at the following e-mail address: info@betwinner.com

Betwinner Telephone Support

If you prefer talking directly to a support agent on the phone, then you are in luck, because Betwinner also provides telephone support via a local Indian hotline.

This allows you to speak with a Betwinner support agent through the phone in either English or Hindi.

Telephone support is a great option for issues that require more explanation - some issues are too difficult to explain in writing, and this is where telephone support really shows its merits.

You can contact the Betwinner local Indian support line at the following number: 000 800 919 1081

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Now that you know how to use Betwinner, you are ready to sign up and get started playing!

A world of awesome bonuses and games are waiting for you on Betwinner!

Click the button below to start your Betwinner account now.