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Deposit on Dafabet India

How to Deposit on Dafabet in India (It's easier than you think!)

Jul 8, 2024

So you want to join this amazing betting site, but you are not sure how to deposit on Dafabet in India? Have no fear. In this article, we will cover all the best Dafabet deposit methods, and show you exactly how to deposit on Dafabet.

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Dafabet is swiftly becoming one of India’s largest betting sites, with hundreds of new players joining up every day. And many potential players are asking themselves how to deposit on Dafabet in India? Fortunately, we can reveal that depositing on Dafabet is easy - and we will show you how it’s done!

Do you want to join this incredible betting site, but you are not sure how to deposit on Dafabet in India? You have come to the right place. In this article, we will go through all the Dafabet deposit methods and show you exactly how to deposit money in Dafabet.

Dafabet Deposit FAQ

🏆 What is the best deposit option on Dafabet?

In our opinion, the best deposit method for Indian players on Dafabet is UPI.

UPI allows Indian players to make instant, simple and free deposits on Dafabet!

⌚ How long does it take to deposit on Dafabet?

Most of the deposit methods offered on Dafabet are settled in your Dafabet account instantly. This includes UPI, Indian NetBanking, Neteller, and Bitcoin.

When depositing on Dafabet, the money will be available instantly!

No need to wait for hours or days. Just make the payment and start playing.

🐜 What is the minimum deposit on Dafabet?

The minimum deposit on Dafabet is Rs. 500.

For example, using UPI, you are able to deposit as little as 500 rupees at a time on Dafabet.

🐘 What is the maximum deposit on Dafabet?

The maximum possible deposit you can make on Dafabet is 30 lakh rupees. This can be done using international e-wallets such as Neteller.

When using Indian payment methods like UPI, the maximum deposit is Rs. 50,000 per transfer.

Important: When you deposit on Dafabet you will get a generous welcome bonus - read more about the bonus below!

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How to deposit on Dafabet

After creating your account click on the Cashier button in the top main menu. This will open up the Dafabet deposit menu.

From here, you will need to choose which Dafabet wallet you want to deposit to. Dafabet has different wallets, depending on what you will play. This includes the Dafabet sports wallet, the casino wallet, poker, and more.

Keep in mind: It doesn’t really matter which wallet you deposit to, because you will be able to transfer money between your different Dafabet wallets at any time in the future.

Click on a wallet of your choice and select the Deposit option.

You will now be able to view all the different deposit methods on Dafabet.

Dafabet Deposit Methods

Being an Asian betting site, Dafabet caters to players from all over Asia. However, Indian players are one of the biggest groups represented on the site.

As such, Dafabet offers some of the best and most convenient deposit methods for Indian players, making it easy for us Indians to make deposits and withdrawals on the site.

Dafabet offers a wide range of different deposit options, making it easy for all Indians to deposit on Dafabet.

Dafabet Deposit Options

According to our preferences, UPI is the best and most convenient deposit method for the majority of Indian players when depositing on Dafabet.

UPI is fast, easy, and totally free to use, making it the best choice for Indian players.

Which deposit method would you use to deposit on Dafabet?

How to deposit on Dafabet in india

In the following section, we will go through each of these deposit methods, and explain how to use them to deposit on Dafabet.

Deposit with UPI

If you are from India, chances are you have heard of UPI, our unified payments interface. This service allows you to make money transfers directly from your bank account instantly and at zero cost.

As an Indian player, you will be happy to know that Dafabet accepts deposits via UPI.

You can deposit on Dafabet with UPI!

Needless to say, UPI is an insanely popular payment method in India - and it is therefore no surprise that UPI is also the best and most popular Dafabet deposit method.

How to deposit with UPI on Dafabet:

Depositing on Dafabet using UPI is simple - we will show you how it’s done!

To deposit with UPI on Dafabet, open the deposit menu and select the VPay UPI or 10Pay UPI option.

Now, a new screen will open up, where you can select which Dafabet wallet you want to deposit on, and which amount you want to deposit. Select the amount and the wallet, then click the deposit button.

You will now be redirected to a 3rd party site, where you will be asked to select your UPI app and type in your UPI payment address.

Deposit with UPI on Dafabet

After doing this, an SMS or an in-app notification will be sent to your phone, requesting you to complete the transaction through your UPI app.

Enter your UPI pin when prompted to complete the transaction. Then your money will be instantly deposited on Dafabet!

As you can see, depositing with UPI on Dafabet is easy. Click the button to join Dafabet and make your deposit now!

Deposit with Indian NetBanking

Indian NetBanking is another very popular transfer method available in India. It works in much the same way as UPI, except there is no need to download a UPI app, meaning it can be used by people who do not have a smartphone.

The other difference is that with Indian NetBanking, you need to confirm your deposit by logging into your online bank when making a deposit on Dafabet, With UPI, you would just need to type in your UPI payment address and then confirm via the app.

However, as long as you have your bank details on hand, you will be able to deposit on Dafabet with Indian NetBanking. It’s simple, instant and absolutely free of charge.

Indian NetBanking (INB) allows you to make free and instant deposits on Dafabet!

If you are interested in depositing on Dafabet with INB, then follow the steps below.

How to deposit with Indian NetBanking on Dafabet

Before you begin making your deposit via NetBanking, make sure you have your online banking details on hand, so you can login to your online bank when prompted.

Now, the first thing you want to do is navigate to the Dafabet deposit menu. Here, you can select either VPay Banking option or the 10Pay LBT option. Both of these providers will allow you to deposit via NetBanking.

After selecting the NetBanking deposit option, a new screen will open up where you will be asked to type in the amount you want to deposit and to which Dafabet wallet. Type in these details and click the confirm button.

Now, a new window will open up, where you will be prompted to select your bank. Select your bank and click on Make Payment.

You will then be asked to log in to your online banking platform and confirm your transaction.

Once you confirm your transaction, the money will be instantly transferred from your bank to your Dafabet account - you can now start playing!

Deposit with Skrill

If you want to use a more internationally available method to deposit on Dafabet, then perhaps Skrill is what you are looking for.

Skrill is one of the most popular international e-wallets and Skrill payments are accepted on almost all betting sites in India, including Dafabet.

Because of its wide availability across most international betting sites, Skrill is loved and prized by a large number of gamblers around the world, because Skrill makes it easy to consolidate your betting balances into a single account.

Skrill is an accepted payment method on almost all betting sites in the world - including Dafabet!

However, using Skrill also has a number of drawbacks. They charge fees when you send and receive money. It can also be quite difficult for Indian players to top up a Skrill account due to Skrill being on the naughty list among many Indian banks due to its affiliation with online betting.

Follow the steps below and learn how to deposit with Skrill in Dafabet now.

How to deposit on Dafabet with Skrill

If you want to deposit with Dafabet on Skrill, you need to make sure you have a Skrill account first and top up your account with some money.

If you wanna learn how to set up a Skrill account in India and add money to it, then click the button below.

Once you have a Skrill account set up and ready to go, you can make your deposit on Dafabet.

The first thing you need to do is head over to the Dafabet deposit menu and select the Skrill Moneybookers option.

Now, a new screen will appear, and you will be prompted to type in how much you want to deposit and which Dafabet wallet you want to deposit on. When this is done, click the button to confirm.

Now, a new window will open and you will be asked to log in to your Skrill account to confirm the transaction.

Once your transaction is confirmed, the money will be instantly transferred to your Dafabet account and ready for use!

Deposit with Neteller

Neteller is yet another incredibly popular betting deposit method, which is accepted on pretty much every betting site in the world. In fact, Neteller is owned by the same parent company that owns Skrill, so you can be certain that Neteller is a highly secure payment method to use on Dafabet.

However, being an international e-wallet, Neteller can be a bit tricky for Indian players to use.

To deposit with Neteller on Dafabet, you first need to load some money into your Neteller account. Topping up your Neteller account from India can be difficult because Indian banks put restrictions on Neteller transactions due to the company’s connection with gambling transactions.

Also, Neteller charges a fee each time money enters your Neteller wallet, and also when you make a transaction.

Therefore, we do not recommend using Neteller, unless you are already using this service and are happy with the service they provide.

If you want to deposit on Dafabet with Neteller, then follow the instructions below!

How to deposit with Neteller on Dafabet

All things considered, depositing with Neteller on Dafabet is actually very simple. It works like this:

You select the Neteller option from the deposit menu on Dafabet.

You will then be transferred to a new screen, where you are asked to input your Neteller account details (account nickname, email, and password). Once this is done, Dafabet will connect to your Neteller account.

Now, you will be asked to type in how much you wish to deposit on Dafabet and to which wallet. When that’s done, click the confirm button.

Dafabet will now automatically pull the money from your Neteller account and make it instantly available on your Dafabet account - this is possible because you connected your Dafabet account to your Neteller account. So there is no need to log into Neteller to confirm. It’s very smooth!

Click the button below to join Dafabet and deposit with Neteller now.

Deposit with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that users around the world can buy, sell and trade without the use of any intermediary such as a bank or financial institution.

Bitcoin is highly prized by its fans for being a fast, cheap, and highly anonymous transaction method.

Bitcoin is useful for people who want to make betting deposits on sites such as Dafabet while still remaining incognito. With Bitcoin, you can be sure that the bank and the government will not be aware of any betting deposits you make.

So if anonymity is something you are looking for, then we definitely recommend that you use Bitcoin when depositing on Dafabet.

Follow the steps below to learn how to deposit on Dafabet with Bitcoin.

How to deposit with Bitcoin on Dafabet

If you are already a Bitcoin user, you know that making Bitcoin transfers is incredibly simple - the same goes for transferring Bitcoin to Dafabet - it’s easy!

To deposit Bitcoin on Dafabet, select the Bitcoin option in the deposit menu.

Note: Bitcoin transactions to Dafabet are handled by the 3rd party known as Opennode. They are known for being very secure and speedy when handling cryptocurrency transactions.

Now, you will be asked to type in the amount you wish to deposit on Dafabet. You can deposit a minimum of Rs. 1,500 and a maximum of Rs. 350,000 when using Bitcoin on Dafabet.

Deposit Bitcoin on Dafabet

After typing in the amount, select the Dafabet wallet you want to deposit on.

After this, click the option to confirm your deposit. You will then be redirected to another page where the Dafabets Bitcoin address will be visible.

You will now be asked to make a transfer to the Dafabet Bitcoin address. Do this by copy/pasting the Bitcoin address, opening up your own Bitcoin wallet, and inserting the address into the recipient field.

Send the exact same amount that you typed into the deposit field on Dafabet (they are expecting this amount).

After doing so, the money will be instantly available in your Dafabet wallet!

When your Bitcoin enters Dafabet, it is instantly converted to Indian Rupees at the best possible rate!

Non-Recommended Deposit Methods

Despite having some very good and convenient deposit methods, there are also a couple of Dafabet deposit methods that we recommend you to stay away from. These include:

  • ecoPayz
    ecoPayz is an e-wallet that is difficult for Indians to use due to the difficulties with transferring money in and out of the wallet. Furthermore, the fees when using ecoPayz are higher than other e-wallets, so we recommend that you use another deposit method.
  • VISA/MasterCard
    Bank cards such as VISA and MasterCard issued by Indian banks should not be used when depositing on betting sites such as Dafabet. This is because Indian banks blacklist all known betting sites, making it impossible to make deposits on Dafabet with payment cards.

If you stay away from these non-recommended deposit methods, then making a deposit on Dafabet is fast and easy!

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