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Betwinner 1xbet

Betwinner vs. 1xBet - Is there any difference? (Ultimate Comparison)

8 December 2020

In this article we will compare Betwinner vs. 1xBet to determine which betting site is the best in India.

Betwinner vs. 1xBet - Which is better?

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Betwinner vs. 1xBet

Betwinner and 1xBet are two of the most popular betting sites in India.

It's no wonder that Betwinner and 1xBet have become popular - they offer a great betting experience for Indian players.

Here are some of the benefits of using 1xBet and Betwinner:



✔️ Accepts Indian Players✔️ Accepts Indian Players
✔️ Accepts Indian Rupees✔️ Accepts Indian Rupees
✔️ Fast account registration✔️ Fast account registration
✔️ Deposit with UPI, Paytm, PhonePe✔️ Deposit with UPI, Paytm, PhonePe

Most people who visit Betwinner and 1xBet think the sites look so similar, they ask themselves if there is really any difference between these two great betting sites?

We’re here to tell you that there are plenty of important differences between 1xBet and Betwinner, but before we get into the differences between Betwinner and 1xBet, let’s take a look at some of the similarities between the two sites:

Similarities between Betwinner vs. 1xBet

  • Both sportsbooks contain similar sports and betting options
  • Their live betting platform are identical
  • The live streaming program is the same
  • The interface looks very similar

Given the many similarities listed above, it’s totally understandable to think that 1xBet and Betwinner are cut from the same cloth. They look almost exactly alike. The reason for this is that they run on the same engine, and that’s why the interface looks so similar.

While they do share many similarities, there are also some significant differences between Betwinner vs 1xBet that we will cover in this article!

So what are the differences between 1xBet and Betwinner, and which betting site should you choose? After reading this article, you will know for sure!

We will now go through the different features on 1xBet and Betwinner, in order to give you a better idea of what makes these two betting sites different.

We will start with one of the first things that new players have to contend with: account registration.

Betwinner vs. 1xBet: Account Registration

In our experience, both 1xBet and Betwinner makes it incredibly easy for new players from India to register an account.

Both betting sites have this so-called One Click Registration-process, where all you need to do is select your country, click a button, and then your account is instantly created.

No need to type in extensive details about yourself, your address, your contact details, or anything. All that stuff can be done later on when you verify your account.

📝 Account Registration Winner: It’s a tie!

When it comes to account registration, both Betwinner and 1xBet make it very simple and easy. We can’t really declare a winner here, as they both have the same account setup process.

Needless to say, creating an account on either of these betting sites is both fast and easy.

Betwinner Account Creation

Betwinner vs. 1xBet: Deposit Methods

One area where there is a difference between 1xBet vs Betwinner is when it comes to deposit methods.

Both betting sites offer a wide range of different deposit methods, including common Indian payment systems, but in reality, there is a big difference in terms of how well it works.

Both betting sites say they accept deposits via UPI in India, but in practice, this service is often out of order on 1xBet. UPI often doesn’t appear on the list of deposit methods when you need to find it.

Upon contacting 1xBet customer support, they will simply say that the deposit option is temporarily unavailable, and request that you use one of the other deposit methods instead.

This is obviously very inconvenient for Indian players who rely on UPI to make their deposits and withdrawals.

Therefore, we declare Betwinner as the winner in the deposit category, as they provide much better (and more stable) deposit methods for Indian players.

💲 Deposit Methods Winner: Betwinner

1xBet vs. Betwinner: Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonuses on Betwinner and 1xBet are slightly different from each other.

The welcome bonus on Betwinner goes up to Rs. 8,000, whereas the welcome bonus on 1xBet is worth up to Rs. 10,400.

The welcome bonus on 1xBet is bigger than the bonus on Betwinner

Both bonuses are deposit bonuses, meaning that the size of your welcome bonus will increase depending on how much you deposit.

The wagering requirements for the welcome bonuses are the same on both Betwinner and 1xBet.

Wagering requirements: All bonus money must be wagered 5 times at odds 1.40 or more within 30 days.

💰 Welcome Bonus Winner: 1xBet

1xBet wins this round because their welcome bonus is bigger than Betwinner, but the wagering requirements are the same.

Sport bonus:

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Betwinner vs. 1xBet: User-friendliness

Although the interface on Betwinner and 1xBet looks very similar, there are some subtle differences.

Betwinner is less cluttered and more organized than 1xBet.

There are fewer games available on Betwinner, and although this may sound like a negative aspect, it actually helps to increase the overall user-friendliness of the site.

Many players find 1xBet to be “over the top” in terms of how many games and features they offer, whereas Betwinner is slightly more minimalistic, making it easier for the user to navigate.

Therefore, we declare Betwinner as the winner in the category of user-friendliness.

🤝🏼 User-Friendliness Winner: Betwinner

1xBet vs Betwinner: Live Betting

Live betting on 1xBet and Betwinner is virtually similar. There are no real differences when it comes to live betting on these two betting sites.

Each betting site has a decent live betting platform, and they both offer the so-called Multi-Live feature, which allows you to bet on several live betting events at the same time.

⌚ Live Betting Winner: It’s a tie!

Betwinner 1x Bet live betting

Betwinner vs. 1xBet: Live Streaming

Betwinner and 1xBet offer an extensive live streaming program that allows you to watch live sports in real-time.

Both betting sites seem to offer a very similar program of live streaming events, but how you access them is vastly different.

On 1xBet you will find a dedicated live streaming section that gives you a nice overview of all the events which can be streamed. All live streaming events are placed into different categories like Football, Cricket, Basketball, and so forth.

1x Bet Betting Site Live Streaming India

On Betwinner the live streaming feature works quite differently. Here, you will have to find the event in the sportsbook, and if the event is available to be live-streamed, then the live streaming icon will be visible.

Click on the live streaming icon, and you will be taken to a different screen where you can watch the event unfold in real-time.

📺 Live Streaming Winner: 1xBet

Betwinner vs. 1xBet: Withdrawing money

There is a big difference between withdrawing money on 1xBet versus Betwinner.

Before you can withdraw money on either betting site, you must complete the account verification procedures. These procedures are largely similar on both sites.

To verify your account, you simply need to provide a few personal documents, such as a PAN card and proof of address.

When that is done, you head to the account section and select the withdrawal option.

Withdrawal on Betwinner takes about 15 minutes via UPI, depending on the amount you wish to withdraw and the time of day.

If you’re trying to withdraw 1 lakh rupees in the middle of the night, it will take longer. But generally, you can expect a 15-30 minutes withdrawal time frame on Betwinner.

1xBet is different. They take notoriously long to process withdrawals. Usually, the withdrawal process doesn’t even begin until after 48 hours.

So if you’re using 1xBet, be prepared to wait several days for your money to arrive when you’re making withdrawals.

🏧 Withdrawals Winner: Betwinner

🏆 Which betting site is better: Betwinner or 1xBet?

Although there are many similarities between 1xBet and Betwinner, there are also some important differences, as we’ve displayed in this article.

So which betting site is the best - Betwinner or 1xBet?

The real answer is: it depends on your personal preferences. If you’re still in doubt, we suggest you try out both betting sites.

But from an objective perspective, we believe there are some clear advantages to using Betwinner.

The welcome bonus may be slightly smaller, but the deposit process is better, and the same can be said for the withdrawal procedures, which is way faster than on 1xBet. Also, the interface is less cluttered on Betwinner.

So if you’re on the fence about which betting site to join, we recommend that you give Betwinner a try today!

Join Betwinner Now

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Although 1xBet is larger and more well-known than Betwinner, we believe Betwinner is the better betting site of the two.

Benefits of Betwinner:

  • Betwinner accepts Indian Players
  • They accept Indian Rupee Deposits
  • They accept deposits via UPI, Paytm, Phone and more
  • Account creation is super-fast
  • They have a great sportsbook with lots of betting options
  • A superb Live Betting platform with Multi Live
  • Withdrawing money is fast and easy

So join Betwinner now and take advantage of these great benefits!