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New betting sites in india

New Betting Sites in India (2024)

5 February 2020

If you’re ready to embark on an adventure of risk and potential rewards then you should take a closer look at these new betting sites that have opened their doors to India.

A new year has just begun, and with a new year comes new challenges, new experiences and potentially new rewards for those who have the courage to place a stake.

What kind of year is it going to be for you? Are you going to fall back into your same old habits - or are you going to rise up and claim your share of the profits?

If you’re ready to embark on an adventure of risk and potential rewards then you should take a closer look at these new betting sites that have opened their doors to India.

The first new betting site we want to look at is one of the world’s oldest and most well-established betting sites, and you’ve probably never heard of it. Let’s take a closer look at Bodog!

Bodog: An old betting site with a fresh new look

Bodog is among the oldest online betting sites in the world, but they recently opened in India!

Bodog is one of the oldest betting sites you've probably never heard of. They recently entered the Indian market and this has caused quite the excitement among many local punters. Their seniority brings trustworthiness and a reliable gambling experience to India.

Bodog was one of the worlds first online betting sites. They have just recently opened a new betting site in India!

The overall user experience at Bodog India's website is a comfortable one, with familiar graphics and a beautiful but traditional interface.

While they originally started off as an online poker room, they now have much more to offer with a wide range of sports and casino games.

Sports betting on Bodog

Bodog’s sportsbook has all the sports an Indian would wish to bet on, with the highlight being on cricket. Their special mentions would be tennis, football, basketball, golf and badminton.

They have an extensive cricket betting selection for the Indian audience for whom cricket is no less than a religion.

The live betting experience on Bodog India is seamless with high-quality live streaming. We noticed no lags in the games during any live betting match we observed.

Does Bodog have an online casino?

Yes they do! Actually, the Bodog casino is quite impressive.

We often find that the problem with new betting sites in India is that they don’t have a sufficient number of games available. This is not the case with Bodog.

The Bodog online casino contains an awesome number of games. You could easily spend the entire year on Bodog and still not try every game in their selection, which includes traditional table games as well as Indian casino games.

Their live casino is an experience to remember with over a dozen tables, for beginners as well as high rollers.

Their poker rooms are one of the best among both old and new betting sites in India. So if you love a good game of poker, Bodog India is the perfect match for you.

Are there any disadvantages to Bodog?

Bodog India has few but noteworthy cons that we need to address.

For instance, if you're fond of horse racing, Bodog is not the site for you. They currently do not offer horse race betting in India, much to our disappointment.

They also have really slow withdrawal times which is another pain point. The site mentions a withdrawal time of 5-7 business days but it often ends up taking longer than that.


Bodog may be one of the newest betting sites in India, but their years of global experience have helped them understand their customers and how to provide excellent service.

If you wanna give this betting site a chance (and we think you should), then head over there now and set up an account. It's free and it only takes a minute!

ComeOn India: A brand new betting site for Indian players

ComeOn has a ton of exciting gambling options to offer

ComeOn is another new betting site that made its entry in the Indian market in the latter part of 2019. They have a lot to offer in terms of sports betting and casino options for Indian players.

ComeOn has one of the easiest deposit procedures among all the other betting sites in India. The site has over 29 different sports to bet on along with a wide selection of casino games. They charge no withdrawal fees which is a great advantage for players.

Sports betting on ComeOn

The focus of ComeOn's sportsbook lies in European sports such as football, tennis, and golf, however, cricket betting is also very available here. There are a total of more than 29 sports to bet on.

The new and upcoming events section at the top helps players keep track of new opportunities to bank on. You can avail different kinds of wagers on ComeOn such as parlay, straight bets or matched betting.

ComeOn also provides its members with a great live betting platform to have a fun experience with a high-quality interactive live betting screen that gives you all the necessary information about the match.

In terms of casino games, ComeOn provides every game you could think through their sleek game rooms. While playing casino games, you will be eligible for different in-game bonuses and promotional offers which is a nice addition to the site.

Are there any disadvantages to ComeOn?

The biggest downside of ComeOn is their 2% fees on deposit, which can accumulate to a significant amount on big deposits.

They also do not support phone helplines in their customer support. We recommend contacting their customer support via the on-site live chat if you need them.


ComeOn is a new betting site that is extremely user-friendly and with a plethora of gambling options. This website is apt for both newbies and more advanced players due to the ease of use and sophistication.

So ComeOn over and check out this new betting site. Click the "Join ComeOn Now" button below to get started right now!

Come On New Betting Site

Betwinner: A new betting site from the people behind 1xBet

Betwinner is a brand new betting sites that provides some of the best odds you can find!

Betwinner is a new betting site that recently opened its doors to the world. They are owned by the same corporation that runs 1xBet, but Betwinner is different in many ways. They distinguish themselves by trying to offer the best odds on the market.

Sports betting on Betwinner

If you’re looking for the best odds in the sportsbook market, Betwinner is definitely the new betting site for you. Betwinner is also the place where people new to gambling can try out different options, due to the staggering number of matches in the sportsbook they offer.

From cricket, basketball, ice hockey and handball to all sports that come in between, Betwinner has them all. Players can go all out without the fear of hitting boredom anytime soon.

They also have betting pools available for sports betting. We love that Betwinner placed every kind of sport that an Indian player can imagine, not limited by geographic boundaries.

Their live betting platform comes with a multi-bet feature which allows you to bet on multiple live matches at any time. In fact, you can have up to 8 live matches running at any given time. This amount of excitement should really get the blood flowing!

Betwinner Online Casino

Betwinner has a super-great online casino complete with slot machines, table games, lottery, TV games and more. Overall the quality of the games is alright, but it’s obvious that Betwinner has prioritized quantity over quality in their online casino selection.

The online casino also provides card games, slot games, TV bet, hunting games, fishing games, jackpots, and a choice of interesting virtual games among others. The games section is categorized well with a nice variety to keep punters on their toes for a long time.

Are there any disadvantages to Betwinner?

The site appears to be really cluttered due to the vast categories of games they host. New users and even experienced ones are in for a merry ride to look for what they want.

The customer service at the site is a bit unhelpful since they don't always have the best solutions to clients' problems.


With great sports betting options and games, as well as some nice bonuses available, what’s not to like about Betwinner?

The overall user experience is great if you can overlook the fact that Betwinner is a bit cluttered and overwhelming. However, we need to give them some slack here, as they do host more games and odds than any other new betting sites in India

With that said, are you ready to give this betting site a try? Then click the "Join Betwinner Now" button below!

Sportsbet io new betting site in india

Now that we’ve told you about all the new betting sites in India, are you ready to make your choice and start betting online?

If you didn’t like any of these new sites, you should check out some of the olden-but-golden betting sites below. We’re sure you will find something that you like!

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