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How to know if betting site is fake or legit

Legit Betting Sites: How to know if a Betting Site is Fake or Legit

18 December 2020

Before joining a betting site, it’s crucial that you investigate if that betting site is legitimate, so you don’t get mixed up with any fake scam betting sites.

In this article, you will learn how to identify if a betting site is fake or legit.

For your convenience, here is a list of 10 great (and highly legit) betting sites in India.

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In this day and age, there are hundreds of online betting sites available on the internet.

Each of these betting sites is vying for your attention, offering you attractive welcome bonuses, promotions, and features in the hopes that you will sign up and use their betting platform.

But how do you know if a betting site is legit and trustworthy? How can you be sure they aren’t just going to keep your money and never let you withdraw your winnings?

Don't get mixed up with any scam sites - learn how to spot a fake betting site now!

With so many betting sites out there, it’s important to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. In other words, how to determine which betting sites are good and which are bad.

Although there are many good and legitimate betting sites around, there are also some scam sites floating around that you need to avoid.

We put together these tips to help you spot if a betting site is fake or legit.

Tip 1: Make sure the betting site is licensed

To avoid fake betting sites, we recommend only using betting sites that are licensed by an official betting regulator.

Having a license means that the betting site has gone through the process of becoming approved and regulated by the gambling authorities in a specific country.

To be approved for a license, a betting site must jump through several hoops, such as allowing their books to be audited, following certain gaming rules, and also paying a large fee.

Only legitimate betting sites can successfully obtain a license from a betting regulator.

As such, you can be sure that no fake betting sites are licensed. And you can avoid ever having to deal with fake betting sites by only using licensed sites.

Licensed betting sites are trustworthy and legitimate!

How do I know if a betting site is licensed?

Licensed betting sites are obligated to display the seal of their license prominently on every page.

So all you have to do is open up a betting site, scroll to the footer of the page and see if there is a seal present on the page.

This is what a betting license looks like ⬇️

Malta gaming authority gives licenses to trusted betting sites only

Which betting licenses are the most legitimate?

Some of the most common betting licenses you will encounter are the Malta Gambling Authority License, the Curacao Egaming License, and the UK Gambling Commission License.

It’s not important where the license comes from. It’s more important that the betting site actually has a license.

This ensures that the betting site is kept under supervision and obligated to abide by a certain set of rules and restrictions.

There is an increasing number of countries around the world that require online betting sites to be licensed in the country in order to operate legally.

Some of the countries with online betting regulations include the UK, Malta, Germany, France, and many others.

India has no requirement for online betting sites to be regulated yet because online betting is still an unregulated activity, but hopefully, this will change in the future, and betting will come under more serious regulation.

Until then, it is advisable to stick with betting sites that have licenses from other jurisdictions, such as Malta, the UK, and so forth.

Click below to learn more about licensed betting sites

Tip 2: Visit the "About Us" page

Every legitimate betting site has an About Us page where you can read more about the betting site, its history, its values, the team behind the site, and so forth.

In order to find out if a betting site is fake or legit, we recommend that you check the About Us page.

If the betting site doesn’t have an About Us page, it’s a pretty bad sign which should concern you.

The information on the About Us page should be clear and concise, and should contain some of the following elements:

  • When was the betting site established?
    Has it been around for 20 years or did they open up yesterday?
  • Do they have a legitimate business address?
  • Is it possible to contact them via email, phone, live chat, and more?
  • Who are the people behind the betting site?

If the About Us page manages to answer these questions satisfyingly, there’s a good chance it’s a legitimate betting site.

However, if the About Us page gives you more questions than answers, it’s a good sign that the betting site cannot be trusted.

Tip 3: Read betting site reviews

Another way to know if a betting site is fake or legit is by reading reviews to learn more about the betting site.

When searching for reviews, it’s important that you look for fair and unbiased betting site reviews.

A good review should tell you a lot of important details about a betting site, not only about the features of the site but also about how trustworthy the betting site is.

If the review gives you a good overall impression of the betting site, then it’s probably a legitimate site.

However, if the review mentions problems, such as players being refused payouts or winnings bets being canceled, then that is a big red flag.

If you come across any reviews that mention this type of problem, you should definitely avoid the betting site and look for better alternatives.

When in doubt, make sure you read several different reviews that confirm that the betting is honest and legit.

If you want to read betting site reviews, we invite you to click the link below, where you will find a comprehensive list of all the best and most legitimate betting sites in India.

Is Bet365 Legit?

Bet365: Are they legit or not?

Bet365 is the world's biggest and most popular betting site, and that didn't happen by coincidence.

If Bet365 was a scam site, they would not be as popular as they are today, and they would have probably been shut down by the authorities.

As such, we can guarantee that Bet365 is very legit and trustworthy.

Bet365 is 100% legit!

✅ You can feel confident and safe that Bet365 is a legit betting site.

Tip 4: Look at the interface and the layout

The interface, the layout, and the general look and feel of a betting site is a great way to determine if a betting site is legit or fake.

Most fake betting sites out there look old and crummy. Legitimate betting sites look fresh and up-to-date!

Legit betting sites are always updated. They look sharp and modern.

For example, take a look at a couple of the world’s most popular betting sites: Betway and Bet365.

These betting sites are good-looking, intuitive, and well-organised. You’re not gonna find any fake betting sites that look like this.

Betway is a legit betting site
Trust your instincts

A good way to know if a betting site is legit is by simply listening to your gut.

As you enter the betting site, what feeling do you get?

Some elements on the site may be able to help you determine if it’s fake or legit.

  1. Has the site been updated recently?
  2. Does the betting site have reachable customer support?
  3. Are the offers and bonuses reasonable or too good to be true?

As we say, first impressions are important, and if your first impression of a betting site is bad, then it’s better to move on and find a different site.

Tip 5: Only use recommended betting sites

The best thing you can do to ensure that you’re not using a fake betting site, is to only use betting sites that have been recommended by a trustworthy source.

Here on MyBetting, our goal is to be your trusty partner in all things related to online betting.

We do our very best to earn your trust, and we will only recommend legitimate betting sites.

MyBetting only recommends legitimate betting sites!

The betting sites found here on MyBetting have been handpicked according to the services they offer and what they do to serve Indian players.

For example, we have excluded betting sites that don’t accept Indian players, that don’t accept Indian Rupees, or that don’t make it easy and convenient for Indians to deposit and withdraw money.

We do everything we can to avoid fake betting sites that scam their players.

Therefore, our team of betting experts personally go through each site and test all the features - from the signup process to the deposit methods, the bonuses, the games, and of course, withdrawing money.

  • This is done to ensure that all the betting sites we recommend are legit and safe for players to use.

Check out below our list of top recommended betting sites. All betting sites are licensed and safe to use, so go ahead and sign up today!

Legitimate Betting Sites

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