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IPL Betting Apps India

IPL Betting Apps → Start Betting on the IPL with These Amazing Apps!

10 September 2021

Wanna bet on the IPL? You’re in the right place. With these latest and greatest IPL betting apps, you will be ready to place your IPL bets in no time!

IPL Betting Apps 2024

  1. Bonus Up To ₹20,000
    150% Deposit Bonus

  2. 120% Up To ₹66,000
    Exclusive Bonus Code: MYBVIP

  3. Bonus Up To ₹11,000
    100% Deposit Bonus

  4. 200% Up To ₹20,000

  5. Bonus Up To ₹20,000
    300% Deposit Bonus

  6. ₹44,000 Welcome Package + ₹1,000 in Free Bets (Special Offer)

  7. Bonus Up To ₹32,000
    150% Deposit Bonus

  8. 100% up to ₹11,000

  9. 150% up to ₹100,000

  10. 200% Welcome Bonus

  11. Bonus Up To ₹8,000
    100% Deposit Bonus

  12. Bonus Up To ₹36,000
    100% Deposit Bonus

🚩 Important: Are IPL Betting Apps Legal in India?

Yes, IPL betting apps are legal in India IF the betting app lives up to the following two requirements:

  1. The betting app (or the company behind the betting app) must be based outside India.
  2. Players must be able to deposit Indian rupees onto the betting app.

If these two requirements are fulfilled, then Indian players can legally use such IPL betting apps.

We guarantee that all IPL betting apps listed in this article live up to the abovementioned criterias and are fully legal and compliant with Indian laws!

If you’re not sure which IPL betting app to download, then ask yourself what features are important to you when using an IPL app.

What makes a good IPL betting app?

You must remember to take into account the following important factors when looking at IPL betting apps:

  • How to deposit money on the IPL betting app
  • What kind of welcome bonus you can receive
  • The selection of IPL betting markets they offer
  • What kind of IPL betting odds you can get
  • Does the app provide IPL LIVE betting

In this article, we will introduce you to IPL betting apps that live up to all the requirements above!

Best IPL Betting Apps

So based on the factors mentioned above, which are the 3 best IPL betting apps in India?

In our opinion, and based on meticulous research, the IPL betting apps that come out on top are…

So what exactly makes these IPL betting apps better than the rest? We will explain that in the following section.

Parimatch App

Best IPL Betting App

The Parimatch app is, hands down, one of our favorite IPL betting apps for the following reasons:

✔️ Parimatch is a fast and efficient betting app with all the latest features

✔️ They provide easy and anonymous account setup

✔️ Super-simple instant deposits via UPI and Bank Transfer

✔️ Access to the best IPL betting odds

✔️ New players get an amazing welcome bonus

So if you wanna get your hands on the best IPL betting app, then click the button below to download the Parimatch app now!

Betway App

Most user-friendly IPL betting app

We recommend the Betway app as a really great IPL betting app for many different players.

Here are a few reasons why the Betway app might be a good fit for you:

✔️ The Betway app is really easy to use for beginners

✔️ The app runs smooth and fast on all devices

✔️ They make it really easy to deposit using PhonePe, UPI, and more

✔️ They offer one of the best IPL live betting platforms

If this is something that appeals to you, then click the button below to download this great IPL betting app now!

Bet365 App

One of the biggest IPL betting apps

Bet365 is one of the biggest and most trusted IPL betting apps and betting sites in the world.

The reason behind the popularity of Bet365 stems from the following factors:

✔️ Bet365 offers the biggest selection of IPL betting markets

✔️ They provide more innovative features than any other betting app

✔️ They give you access to FREE IPL live streaming

✔️ They are one of the most trusted betting operators in the world

If you wanna give the Bet365 app a try for this upcoming IPL, then click the button below to download your app now!

Best IPL Betting Apps: Side-By-Side Comparison

As you have seen, each of the 3 top IPL betting apps offer a unique and awesome betting experience.

No matter which of the IPL betting apps you choose to download, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

So take your pick - download the IPL betting app that appeals to you - or give them all a try!

How to Download IPL Betting Apps

Now that you have decided which betting app you want to use, it’s time to download the app.

Each IPL betting app is downloaded in a different way, but it generally works something like this:

Step 1: Pick up your smartphone

You pick up your smartphone and visit the website of the betting app you wish to download (example: Parimatch).

Step 2: Find the download app page

You click on the page to download the app (usually found in the main menu or the footer).

Step 3: Click the button to download app

You click on the button to start the download. An APK file will then be downloaded to your device.

Step 4: Run the app installation

When the APK file has been downloaded, you click on the file to run the installation. The app will then be automatically installed and added to your device.

When the installation is complete, your IPL betting app will be ready to go!

Downloading an IPL betting app is easy and takes nothing but 5 minutes to complete

IPL betting apps are available on which devices?

IPL betting apps are usually available on both Android and iOS devices.

Why are IPL betting apps not available on Google Play or the App Store?

IPL betting apps (and all gambling apps in general) are not available on Google Play due to an internal company decision by Google to not make such apps available on the marketplace.

On the App Store, it’s a different story. Apple allows a small selection of gambling apps on the store, but only the really big brands like Bet365 can be found there.

In general, it’s always better to go to the betting site and download the app directly from the source.

IPL Betting Apps in India

  1. Bonus Up To ₹20,000
    150% Deposit Bonus

  2. 120% Up To ₹66,000
    Exclusive Bonus Code: MYBVIP

  3. Bonus Up To ₹11,000
    100% Deposit Bonus

  4. 200% Up To ₹20,000

  5. Bonus Up To ₹20,000
    300% Deposit Bonus

  6. ₹44,000 Welcome Package + ₹1,000 in Free Bets (Special Offer)

  7. Bonus Up To ₹32,000
    150% Deposit Bonus

  8. 100% up to ₹11,000

  9. 150% up to ₹100,000

  10. 200% Welcome Bonus

What happens after you download an IPL betting app?

After downloading your IPL betting app of choice, you will be able to open up the app and view all the many IPL betting options (and other gambling options) inside the app.

Note: Before you can place any IPL bets, you will need to create an account on the app.

How to create a betting app account

Creating an account on a betting app is usually very straightforward follows the steps below:

Once you’re inside the app, you click on the button to sign up or register.

You then type in a few personal details. Some betting apps require more details, others require less. (Example: Betway will ask you to type in everything from your full name to your home address. In comparison, Parimatch only asks you for a phone number)

After typing in the required details, click on the button to register.

Now, your betting account will be set up and ready to go!

Deposit money onto your IPL app

The next step that you need to complete before you can take full advantage of an IPL betting app is to deposit some money onto the app.

How to Deposit Money on IPL Betting Apps

The procedures that you will need to follow in order to deposit money will depend on which IPL app you are using, and which deposit method you choose to use.

Generally, the steps you need to follow look something like this:

  1. First, you open up your IPL betting app.
  2. You then locate and click on the deposit menu.
  3. From here, you select the deposit method you wish to use.
  4. You then type in how much you wish to deposit and initiate the transfer.
  5. Now, head over to the payment provider and confirm the transaction.

When these steps are completed, the funds will be ready in your betting app account instantly (or very shortly after) and you will be ready to start placing IPL bets!

As mentioned above, the exact steps are going to vary depending on the app and the deposit method you select.

Usually, you will find a combination of the following deposit methods available on most IPL bet apps:

  • UPI - Unified Payments Interface
  • Indian Bank Transfer
  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe
  • PayTM
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank Cards
  • Much Better
  • AstroPay
  • ecoPayz
  • Khelo Card
  • RuPay Card

Each deposit method has different transfer processing times and minimum deposit requirements.

To simplify the process for you, we recommend finding an IPL betting app that accepts a payment method that you are already comfortable with.

If your preferred deposit method is UPI, then go with the Parimatch app where UPI deposits are instant.

If you’re more of a PhonePe person, then use the Betway app where you can deposit using this popular Indian payments app.

If you’re not sure which IPL betting apps have the best and fastest deposit methods, then read on below to find out...

How to bet on the Indian Premier League using an IPL app
Tomesh Kulkarni

Tomesh Kulkarni

The most important thing that an IPL app needs to do is give you, the player, access to a wide range of IPL betting markets, making it both easy and simple to place bets on the IPL.

Fortunately, all the recommended IPL betting apps in this article make it really simple to start placing bets on your favorite IPL team.

  1. Open up your IPL betting app.
  2. Go to the main menu and select the sportsbook.
  3. Now, select cricket from the sports menu.
  4. Then select India
  5. And now, click on the Indian Premier League.

This will open up the entire suite of betting markets and options related to the IPL.

From here, you can select what you wish to bet on.

Any bets you select will be added to your bet slip, also known as your coupon.

In the bet slip, you can manually adjust how much you wish to wager on the selected bet.

You can also add additional bets to the same coupon, making it an accumulator bet.

When you are happy with your bet, click the button to confirm, and the stake will be automatically deducted from your betting app balance.

After confirming your selection, the bet will be active!

IPL betting apps with best deposit methods

It’s no secret that some IPL gambling apps have better deposit methods than others, and the best of the lot is, in our opinion, the Parimatch app.

Parimatch Betting App

Best IPL betting app for deposits & withdrawals

On the Parimatch app, you can deposit using a selection of the best deposit methods. This includes:

  • UPI
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • PayTM Wallet
  • RuPay Card
  • Bank Cards
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • And more

Furthermore, the deposit time on the Parimatch app is instant, meaning your money arrives as soon as you hit the send button!

To get started betting today, click the button below and make your deposit now

IPL betting apps with minimum deposit

How about players who don’t have a large amount of money to invest but who wanna get started placing some bets on the IPL?

Do not worry, there are IPL betting apps out there who accept even very small deposits, and the best of them is the Betway app!

Betway Betting App

Lowest minimum deposit requirements of all IPL betting apps

On the Betway app, you can deposit as little as 200 INR using any of the following payment methods:

  • UPI
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • AstroPay
  • KheloCard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • And others

So if you wanna get started betting on the IPL with as little as possible, then Betway is the IPL bet app you have been looking for.

Click the button below to make your deposit and start placing your bets today!

Get a welcome bonus when you deposit on the app

All the IPL betting apps that we have introduced you to in this article offer some form of welcome bonus to new players on the app.

But needless to say, there are major differences in terms of the size and quality of the welcome bonus that is offered by each individual IPL betting app.

Below you will find a list of all the welcome bonuses offered by the various betting apps:

IPL Betting App Welcome Bonuses

  1. Bonus Up To ₹20,000
    150% Deposit Bonus

  2. 120% Up To ₹66,000
    Exclusive Bonus Code: MYBVIP

  3. Bonus Up To ₹11,000
    100% Deposit Bonus

  4. 200% Up To ₹20,000

  5. Bonus Up To ₹20,000
    300% Deposit Bonus

  6. ₹44,000 Welcome Package + ₹1,000 in Free Bets (Special Offer)

  7. Bonus Up To ₹32,000
    150% Deposit Bonus

  8. 100% up to ₹11,000

  9. 150% up to ₹100,000

  10. 200% Welcome Bonus

IPL betting apps with best welcome bonus

So which of these amazing IPL apps have the best welcome bonus? The answer is the Casumo app!

Casumo App

Best welcome bonus of all IPL apps

If you have never heard of Casumo before, then do not be alarmed: they are one of the most trusted betting apps in Europe.

Another fantastic thing about Casumo is that they offer a superb welcome bonus to all new users in India.

Check out the details of the bonus below. If you like it, then claim a bonus for yourself, and get started placing your IPL bets using the Casumo app today!