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1xbet vs bet365

Bet365 vs. 1xBet - Can the underdog challenge the World's Greatest Betting Site?

10 August 2020

1xBet and Bet365 are two of the biggest and most popular betting sites in India - but which one is the best? We will explore that question in this article.

Bet365 vs. 1xBet: Which is better?

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1xBet and Bet365 are two of the most popular betting sites in India.

Each of these betting sites has a huge and loyal following of players in India.

On the surface, you may think that Bet365 and 1xBet look very similar, but they’re vastly different betting sites and they each offer a totally different betting experience.

During the course of this article, we will go through the most important aspects of the betting sites and compare them to each other.

1xBet and Bet365 are both great betting sites - but which one is the best for you?

We will compare everything from welcome bonuses to deposit methods, sports, betting features, and more.

After reading this article, you will know exactly which betting site is the right one for you.

So if you’re ready, let’s look at the differences between Bet365 and 1xBet!

1xBet vs. Bet365: User-friendliness

Joining a betting site that’s user-friendly and comfortable to use is super important.

It becomes especially important if you’re a new beginner in the online betting game.

As a beginner, you’re probably struggling to find out how everything works - you shouldn’t need to deal with the bother of a betting site that’s old, slow, and hard to navigate.

If you’re a beginner, it’s important that you choose the most user-friendly betting site.

In terms of user-friendliness, we believe Bet365 is the best of the two. Bet365 is super-easy to navigate, whether you are on mobile or desktop. All games and features are easy to find and easy to access.

On the other hand, 1xBet is not very good in terms of user-friendliness. The site is way too cluttered. The main menu is full of different games and functions, and as a beginner, you’re probably asking yourself why you need all those different options.

So the winner of this category is Bet365 by a long shot.

🤝🏻 User-friendliness Winner: Bet365

Bet365 vs 1x Bet user friendliness india

1xBet vs. Bet365: Deposit Methods

To take full advantage of a betting site, it’s important that you’re able to make seamless deposits and withdrawals at your convenience.

Some betting sites make it very easy for Indian players to make deposits - other betting sites are a bit more complicated to deposit on.

Here on MyBetting, we always try to recommend betting sites that give as many different deposit options as possible.

We prefer to deposit on betting sites that accept local Indian payment systems such as PhonePe, Paytm, UPI and online bank transfer.

Unfortunately, the big international heavyweights like Bet365 often don’t accept Indian payment methods. They usually only accept conventional methods such as bank cards, Neteller, and Skrill.

1xBet accepts a way bigger number of different deposit methods.

1xBet attempts to appeal to players from many different countries by accepting localized payment methods.

On 1xBet, you can deposit via Paytm, UPI, PhonePe, Cryptocurrency, Local Indian Bank Transfer, and many more!

1xBet Deposit Methods

Bet365 Deposit Methods

  • UPI
  • Paytm
  • PhonePe
  • Google Pay
  • VISA/MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • AstroPay Card

💳 Deposit Methods Winner: 1xBet

1xbet vs Bet365 india deposit methods

1xBet vs. Bet365: Welcome Bonus

Getting a great welcome bonus is one of the best parts of joining an online betting site.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about getting free stuff - and that’s exactly what the welcome bonus is - a pile of free bonus money that you can use on whatever you desire!

Therefore, it’s important that you get the best possible welcome bonus you can find.

Both Bet365 and 1xBet have a great welcome bonus for new players from India.

The Bet365 welcome bonus gives you Bet Credits up to a total of Rs. 2,000. This bonus is great if you only want to do online betting.

On the other hand, the 1xBet bonus can go up to Rs. 10,400 depending on how much you deposit. This bonus money can be used on online betting, as well as online casino and the many other games they offer on 1xBet.

So due to the size of the bonus and the fact that you can use it on a ton of different games, we have decided that the 1xBet welcome bonus is the best of the 2.

💰 Welcome Bonus Winner: 1xBet

Sport bonus:

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1xBet vs. Bet365: Betting Odds

If you want to make money and maximize your profits from online betting, it’s important that you get the best possible betting odds.

The better odds you get, the bigger your profits will be!

Usually, the odds you find on 1xBet and Bet365 are quite similar. But there are differences to be found.

These differences won’t have any impact over the first few bets, but in the long-term, you will make more money by using the betting site which has higher odds.

Generally, Bet365 is known to have the best odds on horse racing. They even offer best odds guaranteed on all their horse races.

But in almost all other sports, whether it was cricket or football betting, we found 1xBet to have the best odds among the two betting sites.

If you’re mainly gonna be betting on horse racing, we recommend Bet365. But if you’re like most Indians and you’re going to bet on cricket or any other sport, 1xBet gives you the better odds.

Therefore, we declare 1xBet as the winner in this category.

📈 Betting Odds Winner: 1xBet

1xbet vs bet365 india betting odds

Bet365 vs. 1xBet: Live Betting

Live betting has become an important betting feature that is offered by almost all betting sites in India.

Live betting is both captivating and highly intense. If you haven’t tried live betting yet, we highly recommend that you give it a go.

But what betting site should you use: 1xBet or Bet365?

For a frequent live bettor, we recommend using Bet365.

Bet365 offers the most user-friendly and streamlined live betting platform.

When live betting on Bet365, the match is presented to you in a beautiful live betting window where you can see a virtual rendition of the game, read statistics about the game, and more.

The 1xBet live betting platform is decent enough - it’s a bit more clunky and not as beautiful as on Bet365 but it works.

One great feature on 1xBet is the Multi Live feature which allows you to live bet on up to 8 matches at once!

But for most players, live betting on Bet365 is the best option.

⌚ Live Betting Winner: Bet365

Bet365 vs 1x Bet india live betting

Bet365 vs. 1xBet: Live Streaming

Live streaming is a feature that allows you, the player, to live stream sports at your convenience directly on a betting site.

Most betting sites do not offer live streaming due to the costs associated with this feature, but both 1xBet and Bet365 have huge and elaborate live streaming platforms.

So which betting site has the best live streaming service?

Well, it’s hard to pick a definitive winner in this one. Each of them is good in their own way.

1xBet provides most different live streaming options: you can live stream everything from football to cycling, including a lot of esports if you’re into that.

On the other hand, Bet365 doesn’t give you quite as many different sports to live stream, but they focus on the most popular ones. So you can live stream plenty of football matches, cricket, basketball, golf and much more on Bet365.

Overall there are way more events to live stream on Bet365, and that’s why we’re gonna declare Bet365 the winner on this one, even though it’s a close call.

📺 Live Streaming Winner: Bet365

1xBet vs Bet365 live streaming india

🏆 So which is better: 1xBet or Bet365?

Now that you have seen how Bet365 compares to 1xBet, it’s time to decide which betting site you’re going to join.

As you have seen, each betting site has its own strengths and weaknesses - you should choose the betting site that satisfies most of your personal requirements.

  • Are you an avid live bettor? Select Bet365.
  • Do you want a huge welcome bonus? Select 1xBet.

No matter what betting site you choose, you are guaranteed to receive a world-class betting experience on both 1xBet and Bet365!

Bet365 or 1xBet? Make your choice

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